Is ERP on cloud the next step for your business

Market Transformation

Enterprise resource planning software (ERP) is the ultimate application for any business. But in the past few years the biggest and oldest ERP providers have earned a reputation for time-consuming deployments, costly maintenance, outdated user interfaces, and general inflexibility. The main reason for the long implementation time and high maintenance cost was, “on-premises implementations” – an implementation model forced by the “big ERP players”. The point against the idea of ERP on cloud was that, the cloud couldn’t deliver the reliability, speed, and data control companies wanted from such a crucial system.

But as enterprise solutions market is changing through the dynamics created by new technologies and devices, ERP providers are forced to move from their rigid image to more flexible, cloud based and user friendly image. Consumer level applications and social platforms have transformed the thinking of people towards software and business applications. Business users and IT specialists are looking for faster deployments and less maintenance, therefore the use of cloud solutions – especially in the form of software as a service (SaaS) – has increased rapidly.

Demand for ERP on Cloud Solutions

Companies are looking for ready made platforms they can build their specific solutions on, with least effort in product development. An InformationWeek’s 2014 State of Cloud report found that 64% of companies (all with 50 or more employees) using some form of cloud technology have at least one SaaS app in the mix. Research firm Gartner predicted that at least 30% of service-oriented businesses will move the majority of their ERP applications to the cloud by 2018. Gartner expects that over the next decade and beyond, the ERP norm will switch from on-premises to cloud.

PwC is predicting that by 2016, investment in SaaS solutions will more than double to $78B while investment in traditional ERP systems will decline over 30% to less than $15B.Their recent analysis of ERP on Cloud adoption shows that net new license revenues for traditional ERP systems have been declining since 2013 to a level that has already been surpassed by global revenue from cloud-based SaaS solutions.

Why Cloud Computing Matters?

ERP on cloud benefits customers in multiple ways, from providing application scalability and overall business flexibility to reduction of hardware costs and implementation time. In addition, Cloud computing technology, especially the SaaS model, made it easier for small and medium companies to acquire cloud ERP solutions and not have to manage hardware, software, and upgrades while reducing up-front expenses. VIENNA Advantage ERP and CRM is an established player of the new age of Cloud-based ERP systems. VIENNA Advantage is already working with various partners in many countries as an Application Backbone to Cloud Solutions and differentiates itself from traditional ERP players in its approach towards its platform and features.

VIENNA Advantage ERR on Cloud: Offering

VIENNA Advantage ERP is a web based ERP solution with a HTML5 user interface offering two Cloud ERP models: SaaS and Real Cloud Solution.

Benefits of VIENNA Advantage SaaS solution:

  • One Application Instance and DB used by various customers and Users
  • All customers run the same version
  • More penetrated in the market
  • New customer means new Tenant
  • Meant for Small companies only
  • No real control over upgrades
  • No or very few customizations
  • Lesser Cost than Real Cloud Solution

Benefits of VIENNA Advantage Real Cloud Solution:

  • Every company has its own application and database instance
  • No force to upgrade
  • Fully Customizable
  • Meant for Enterprises and Small companies
  • Higher cost compared to SaaS
  • Meant for scalable enterprise Applications


Cloud based Solution Criteria – What should every ERP on Cloud provide?

When searching for the right ERP on Cloud Solution for your business have in mind this solution criteria: [1] modular and agile, [2] on-demand deployment, [3] public or private cloud deployment, [4] user friendly and intuitive, [5] deployment on all devices, [6] customizable without coding directly on the cloud, [7] scalable and multi-tenant, [8] short implementation time, [9] low maintenance cost.


VIENNA Advantage ERP on Cloud allows you to mix your own ERP using inbuilt Marketplace – VIENNA Advantage Market – where you can find numerous standard and custom apps, partner modules, and transportable industry templates. You can also transport language packs, modules and data, and the system is self-upgradable.

VIENNA Advantage Market, ERP on Cloud

Modular and on-demand deployment

VIENNA Advantage ERP on Cloud is multi modular solution. You can choose from the list of available modules and combine them in order to create the ERP that best suits your company needs. The installation and deployment of this modules is just a few clicks process.

VIENNA Advantage ERP on Cloud - Apps


VIENNA Advantage ERP on Cloud is based on the latest HTML5 User Interface and runs flawlessly on all mobile devices. The customizations in the ERP windows automatically reflect on all mobile devices. It has fast and user friendly interface, and it is featured on iPhone and Android devices.

Vienna Advantage ERP on Cloud - Multi-Devices

Administrative Features

VIENNA Advantage ERP on Cloud comes with a strong role based security concept that includes audit trails, schedulers, backups, processors, error logs, etc.

Extendable and Flexible

VIENNA Advantage ERP on Cloud is extendable in multiple ways without or with minimum coding. Without coding: [1] Extendable user interface by Visual Tools, [2] Extendable workflow, [3] Extendable Reports, [4] Extendable Languages & Help, [5] Extendable Business Logics, [6] Extendable Analytics… With coding: [1] Interface to 3rd Party Applications, [2] Custom Form Development, [3] Custom Process Development.

VIENNA Advantage ERP on Cloud is extendable

Quick Implementation

In order to decrease the implementation time and facilitate the whole implementation process, VIENNA Advantage ERP on Cloud comes with: ready data import wizards, inbuilt video channels, inbuilt import formats, interfaces to other software, Excel imports, online trainings, and global support center.

Is ERP on cloud the next step for your business?
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