Benefits of VIENNA Advantage Digital Personnel File


All personnel info at the push of a button, available in seconds

Get an overview of all important information about your employees, with just a few clicks. All personnel-relevant documents are directly available in the digital personnel file.


Save time, money, space and use less HR personnel

Our document personnel file solution saves you hundreds of hours of manual work per year and document storage space in your company, making the HR processes more efficient and sustainable.


Integrate it with your current HR software solution

VIENNA Advantage Digital Personnel File can be integrated with SAP SuccessFactors, Oracle HR, Workday or any other HRM solution you currently use, enabling digital transformation of your HR department.


Highly scalable document management and processing

Support millions of documents simultaneously without any limitations. Moreover, the document viewer functionality lets you view 170+ different document formats.


Maximum data protection with role-based access and encryption

Our digital personnel file solution protects confidential employee data better than a paper file! It provides highly secure document encryption and role based access, enabling users to see only what they are allowed to see.


Integrated digital signature to ensure compliance

Sign documents digitally and enable multiple signatories to endorse a single document. Approve workflows on mobile devices with the use of digital signatures and track documents from the beginning till the end.


Enabling digital HR processes with digital personnel file

The personnel and salary data from VIENNA Advantage HR and Payroll solution or any other HRM solution that you currently use, will be automatically transferred to the digital personnel file and updated regularly.

As a central information base, the digital personnel file ensures secure and optimized HR processes.


Employee Self-Services

Save an inordinate amount of your HR executive’s time!

With the VIENNA Advantage Employee Self-Service (ESS) platform, your employees will have quick and easy access to their own electronic personnel files or employee files. They can record and update requests, submit claims, upload picture proof of relevant transactions and more through our mobile app or the web browser.


Manager Self-Services

Enable your managers and supervisors to see documents and reports related to an employee - from the application to the employee's departure.

With our role-base data security functionality, you can set up a restricted access into employee files - users can see only what they are allowed to see.


Our digital personnel file is simple as paper - only smarter!

And it has all the document management features you’ll ever need.

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