Why embed VIENNA Advantage DMS engine in your logistics application?

We work closely with logistics software providers to ensure that our embedded DMS offering aligns with their needs.


Focus on managing orders, leave the documents to us

Logistics applications are complex. There are several interdependencies between various orders and numerous validations. When a consignment is created in your application, all consignment related documents can be stored in VIENNA Advantage DMS.


Link shipment documents with orders

Transactions in isolation are meaningless. VIENNA Advantage embedded DMS lets you add context to orders by attaching shipment documents, bills of lading, stuffing plans, inspection survey reports and photographs, insurance documents, and more.


Add compliance and auditability capabilities to your app

Your customers can manage and audit all documents that are generated within your logistics application or received from third parties. Give your customers auditability and help them win compliance battles with an embedded document management system.


Build document search capabilities in your application

With VIENNA Advantage DMS, consignment documents are automatically read and indexed. Give your users the capability to search for orders based on the content of documents attached to the consignment orders.


Trigger application workflows based on document metadata

VIENNA Advantage DMS has extensive metadata management capabilities. Use the documents' metadata to trigger workflows and actions in your logistics software and drive additional value to your end users.


Seamless integration and uniform user experience

VIENNA Advantage DMS engine can be natively integrated into your freight or logistics application, and adapt your authentication mechanism. Users would be unaware that they are in a different application and yet get all the benefits of an enterprise-grade DMS.

All the document management features you’ll ever need

Complete, versatile and powerful document management system for freight and logistics software providers.

A technology partner you can trust

See how easy is to embed VIENNA Advantage document management system into your freight and logistics software.