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Technical Features

Trust VIENNA Advantage open source ERP/CRM to create winning opportunities for your business. Start developing custom modules and products on open source platform

Model Driven Architecture

VIENNA Advantage delivers a pioneering, future-oriented and scalable business architecture that proffers an enhanced and well-built podium for all type of business applications.

Personalization and Security

One of the most important features of VIENNA Advantage is the influential security and personalization trait. All components are administrated by the role-based security engine that permits accessibility control up to the optimum granular level of a field or even a record. All accessible components such as Windows, Views, Dashboards and many more can be personalized as per the user's preferences.

Infinite Extendibility

VIENNA Advantage delivers infinite extendibility, not only by utilizing its data dictionary allowing component development without coding, but also by allowing an open-source platform for integration of external codes, reporting components and applications. Web Services can be implemented to extend its attributes or link it with other systems.

Window Composer

The Window Composer acts as a key component in bringing out the extendibility of VIENNA Advantage to its users in an easy but still powerful manner. Comprehensive new forms, even of complex variety can be created with composite logic, linkage and database connectivity without writing a single line of code. A first of its kind component, now design User Interface within minutes without the need of extensive testing and profound technical knowledge. Windows Composer has proved to be a great milestone in the product development history of VIENNA Advantage.

window composer
report composer

Report Writer

The Report Composer pursues the trail laid by the Window Composer and proffers a simple yet powerful method of designing any type of report and print format, as easy as creating a simple text document. An inbuilt word processor like Report Writer assists you in formatting reports, linking it with data source, setting report parameters and allowing access to execute the report. It efficiently reduces the implementation time of any project.

External Reporting Tools integration

Despite being the powerhouse to potential reporting capabilities, VIENNA Advantage proffers all the possibilities needed to generate reports with external reporting tools such as Crystal Reports or even external BI systems. Crystal reports can be generated on VIENNA Advantage data sources and then completely implemented into the ERP environment and security engine of VIENNA. Also VIENNA Advantage offers standard cubes for a wide assortment of BI systems available in the market


Inbuilt Transport System

The days when functionality used to be created on a developer system and rebuilt or manually deployed on Test, Staging and Live environment are the days of the past. With the interceding of VIENNA Advantage Market in the relevant field, shipment of functionality from one instance to the other aided by its inbuilt transport system has cut down manual intervention. This process safeguards against any human errors likely during the deployment of your system.

System Administration Tools

Every business critical system needs to be monitored and administrated. VIENNA Advantage offers administration capabilities that help administrators do their work with more ease and less time. System Administration can be setup in a way that the most critical information is viewed on a dashboard and automatic alerts are triggered on certain events, such as critical data access or changes. System Audits are simplified and scheduled processes help you to automate certain routine tasks such as Data Backup and many more.

Schedulers and Processors

It is essential for a great business system to be proactive and bring the users to be up-to-date with trends, alerts and critical business data. Schedulers and process engines can assist you with automating such tasks, and notifies the precise audience whenever required. This is one of the most crucial parts of Business Process Modeling that can be accomplished with VIENNA Advantage's solutions.

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