Complex manufacturing operations, simplified!

End-to-end solution to plan and manage discrete, process and continuous manufacturing operations.


Key benefits for your staff and management

Plan and produce economically

Plan and produce economically

Planned and scheduled operations and resources for work orders. Link work to order by using multi-step routing to facilitate controlled production. Organize your Material Requirement Planning based on forecasts and sales orders ensuring optimum utilization of your production facilities and inventory levels.

Production resource scheduling

Production resource scheduling

Schedule comprehensive production resources to accurately plan and control production equipment, supervise changing production priorities, and manage disruptions due to machine breakdowns or labor unavailability, thereby resulting in optimization of your production facility.

Systematic inventory management

Systematic inventory management

Use Supply Chain Planning to enable material stock management. Optimize on-hand and production floor inventory. Schedule customer order fulfillment efficiently.

Fulfilment of Customer expectations

Economical manufacturing

Reduce waste in the manufacturing process. Generate improved collaboration between organizations and suppliers. Achieve enhanced cost management through detailed cost tracking, reporting and analysis.

Fulfilment of Customer expectations

Quality assurance

Have better visibility on potential product issues and take corrective action early-on in the manufacturing process by linking processes from product specification to quality assurance records and product history.


Product and Bill of Materials

Create multiple product versions and multi-level Bill of Materials based on BOM Type and BOM Use. Define BOM components linked to operations and operation-sequences. Definition of component supply types ensures their optimum issue to assembly stations/operations.

Material Planning for Production

VIENNA Advantage Manufacturing incorporates the MRP process and uses forecasts, customer orders, and inventory levels to create a material plan and automatically generates purchase and work orders. The process provides visibility into gross and net demand based on available inventory, open purchase orders, and open work orders.


Production Planning

With VIENNA Advantage Manufacturing, production orders are created based on the schedule created by material planning, the corresponding routings, and operations needed to manufacture an item, sub-assembly, or final assembly.

Features such as multi-step routings provide flexibility and control. Labor, material, and scrap are tracked in detail at the operation level allowing firm control of important resources.

Demand for Production

VIENNA Advantage Manufacturing handles efficient management of Production Orders. It has the ability to handle standard repair, and refurbish work orders. The demand for production enables work-to-order by linking sales orders to work orders. It provides a feature with the flexibility to re-plan efficiently based on changes in customer demand. It also provides visibility into production to track the work-in-progress inventory.


Production Execution

Production execution supplies material into production, returns un-consumed material to stores, charges resource usage, executes manufacturing operations that consume material and creates sub-assemblies and the final product assembly, completes a manufactured product assembly into inventory and, returns a manufactured product assembly from inventory back to the shop floor for rework. Batch wise production enables the user to perform the process as per the schedule. Scrapping of components during the process may be tracked.

Cost Calculation and Reporting

Controlling costs is an essential goal of manufacturing. VIENNA Advantage Manufacturing tracks and calculates material, labor, overhead, and job order costs. Core reports such as job value analysis and production reporting allow managers insight into possible corrective actions.

The embedded business intelligence and analytics tool fulfills management, operational, or ad-hoc reporting and analysis requirements.


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Routing is created to describe all the Operations necessary to manufacture a Product. Operations can be mandatory or optional and must take place in a Work Center.

Production Order

Define a Production Order to track assembly of a product. Enter a product assembly and quantity and then select a BOM and Routing to describe the component requirements and manufacturing operations.

Production Execution

Plan your sales forecast based on the actual sales pipeline as well as the forecast worked out by your different sales teams. Run plan versus actual reports and see which measures lead to success.


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