Flexible Project Management Solution | VIENNA Advantage ERP 

Manage your project lifecycle efficiently and profitably

Flexible project management solution offering crucial insights necessary to manage the ever-so-many traps and surprises that crop up in any project execution


Key benefits for your staff and management

Sell Smarter

Define and maintain project templates

Build project templates and use them to plan and budget projects efficiently. Merely select a template in order to replicate the project structure.

Proactive reporting

Generate project estimations in minutes

Formulate your project structure and generate automated quotes or orders based on your project plan. Know your project cost before quoting it to the customer.

Workflow automation

Record project transactions

Budget and control products, services and activities in a project. Issue material, resources and assets to a Project. Track expenses, manage budgets, reservations and commitments in a project. Manage project revenues. Track and report project progress.

Sales automation

Set project milestones and automate invoicing

Do a detailed planning by allocating material, services and resources to tasks, phases or milestones. Next, automatically generate invoices or orders based on milestones and the percentage of completion.

Structure your contracts

Record project activities from multiple sources

Record actual cost, material consumption, resource usage and expenses against projects. You can even assign assets to projects and post the depreciation against the project. Run comparisons between plan and actual.

CRM on-the-go

Tightly integrated with other ERP modules

Manage your projects more efficiently beginning with forecasting and planning to accounting and closure. Our Project Management module is seamlessly integrated with other ERP modules such as: Material Management, Purchasing, Accounting and Budgeting and many more.

Data-Driven Insights for Decision-Support

VIENNA Advantage Project Management Solution enables you to support your client’s journey from one that is data-driven to one that is primarily insights-driven.

Make use of the embedded business intelligence and analytics to deliver multi-dimensional reports, and generate insights and comparisons that are crucial to the success of any project. Present your data and insights in a way that makes them compelling and memorable for your clients and project stakeholders alike.

Manage the full project lifecycle from a centralized source

Keep your project on track from forecasting and planning to accounting and closure.

Define & Schedule

Easily define project tasks at different stages and automatically track if tasks are on schedule.

Plan & Execute

Plan your project in phases, keep track of project progress and never miss a deadline.


Have a real time overview of individual project tasks and use various ready-made report templates, or create a custom one.

Invoice & Closure

Automatically generate invoices, PL statements and more based on milestones and the percentage of completion.


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