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Put the customer in your focus

Establish a fail-proof system in order to track leads, create long-term clients, add value to your products and maximize profits.


Key benefits for your staff and management

Sell Smarter

Sell smarter

Efficiently follow-up on your prospects! Steer and control your sales team across regions, channels and ensure maximum conversion of opportunities to orders.

Proactive reporting

Proactive reporting

Set your preferred reports and alerts, get proactive reminders by the system of completed and pending transactions, events, tasks or activities.

Workflow automation

Workflow automation

A generic and powerful workflow management system allows a seamless integration of all process steps and empowers you to design and automate your processes as per your needs.

Sales automation

Sales automation

Don't forget to periodically invoice or re-invoice your customers! Generate recurring invoices as per a fixed schedule, and control recurring invoicing and service contracts by automating subscriptions and invoicing.

Structure your contracts

Structure your contracts

Define contract templates, manage and review contracts within the system. Use the inbuilt DMS to manage, route and archive the scanned documents.

CRM on-the-go

CRM on-the-go

Stay connected and up-to-date wherever you go. Our web-based CRM gives you instant access to customers’ info and sales activity on any smart device. Whether is a smart phone, tablet, laptop…it doesn’t matter.

Know your customers better

Get a 360° view of your customer, by evaluating and analyzing all data that comes together in your CRM, irrespective of the functional area.

Plan, budget and execute campaigns right in your CRM system. Track results of your campaigns based on leads, opportunities, sales as well as the cost.

Review your performance in

Get more done in less time. Know exactly how you perform compared to your daily / monthly targets and take corrective measures if necessary. Organize your work based on your KPIs, schedule next actions in the personal or shared calendars, track time in the time management application and check the progress of your projects in the project management app.

Flexible Dashboard Reporting, KPI

Define and track the figures that are important to your business on your role based dashboards. Set KPI for each role and user and have them presented right at the workspace.

All customer info in one place

With VIENNA Advantage CRM, you can keep all the information about leads, opportunities and customers in a single place. Maintain comprehensive customer info and access it fast!

  • Customer-centric operations
  • Real-time customer data
  • Customer locations and contacts
  • Tracking customer activities
  • Customers historical data access for field personnel
  • Consistent pricing
  • Customer-specific pricing and discounts
  • Minimum lead-to-cash cycle-time
  • Manage multiple sales channels
  • Seamless integration to customer portal and e-commerce
  • Product configuration management
  • Multiple pricelists and versions

Stay connected with your
customers and colleagues

Get a quick overview of what's going on in your team. Get notification when a new lead is entered in the CRM, share ideas and files with your colleagues in real-time and catch-up with customers along the conversion path.

Email, SMS, calendars and tasks integration

External and internal communication can be supervised from within the system keeping track of all communication related to the records and files. Send emails and SMS directly from the system and link appointments to the customers history.

Chat attachment

Internal chat conversations between users within a transaction are now possible. The conversations are recorded and time-stamped.

Approvals, Alerts and Notices

Let the system be your co-worker and receive intelligent alerts, notices and approval requests. You can train your CRM system to be your virtual assistant, to manage your business more productively.

Get more in depth understanding about our CRM system

Explore all CRM features, and learn the real power of VIENNA Advantage CRM

Sales Force Automation

Helps your sales team to close your deal faster. Takes your through the complete sales process efficiently, including leads, accounts, contact, opportunities, quotes, orders, etc.

Marketing and Campaigning

Plan your marketing and campaigning activities and track the actual results against them. Allocate responsibilities and plan resources in order to make your campaigns successful.

Sales Forecast and Reporting

Plan your sales forecast based on the actual sales pipeline as well as the forecast worked out by your different sales teams. Run plan versus actual reports and see which measures lead to success.

Cases Management

Provide an excellent after sales service to your customers by tracking their cases and assigning internal resources. Measure the time to close, the cost as well as the customer satisfaction.

Order and Contract Management

Track your orders, service contracts and recurring orders in the “Order and Service Contract Module”.


Automate your invoicing based on the terms towards your customers. Set recurring invoicing on service contracts or plan your invoice schedules for orders.

Excel Import and Export

Import your existing or running data from Excel or export your reports to Excel. An easy step by step wizard will help you to get your data in to the CRM system very quickly.

Multi-Tenant, Multi- Currency,

Whether you are a global or a local organization, no matter how many organizations you run or what currency you use, you will never outgrow the system as the system grows with you.

Customizable Windows, Reports,

Create new windows to enhance functionality, or simply create or edit fields on existing windows, reports without any knowledge of coding. Simply use our inbuilt customization features.


  • Google
  • Sap
  • Magento
  • joomla
  • pentaho
  • mailchimp

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