VIENNA Advantage:Cloud Based Open Source CRM & ERP Solutions

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Open-source But Better

Untypical for open-source solutions, VIENNA Advantage supports its community with latest updates, patches, trainings and much much more. Rely on a real enterprise solution for your business with a reliable support.

Enterprise Resource Planning  Solutions

Online and Mobile Interface

Use our integrated set of business applications anytime, from anywhere and with any device. Whether Mac, PC, Tablet, iPhone or Android Mobile. We offer you a complete set of mobility apps.


A real enterprise level ERP

A world-class architecture, data dictionary, excellent reporting capabilities, multi-tenancy, powerful role security concept, workflow management and many such features make VIENNA Advantage a real enterprise level ERP.

Apps and Extensions

VIENNA Advantage Market offers a number of extensions and apps that can be installed from within the software. Even upgrades to the latest version is accomplished with a button click.


What is


Open source ERP and CRM for the cloud

VIENNA Advantage is an open source ERP and customer relationship management (CRM) for small and mid sized businesses. It provides you an excellent user experience using the silverlight based Web User Interface and the iPhone and Android based Mobile User Interface.

A complete suite offering all features you need to run your company.
Many ways of inbuilt reporting and data analysis.
Offering a number of free and paid extensions.
Easy to extend without any technical knowledge by using simple drag and drop tools.
Collaboration and Productivity
Including a number of inbuilt Collaboration and Productivity tools.
Cloud Deployment
Start on the cloud in a few minutes without investments.
Customizable in almost all the components without the need of any coding.
Deploy on your favorite mobile platform.
Get control over your system with easy yet powerful tools.
Scalable upto a large number of concurrent users through its intelligent architecture.
Easy and quick integration to any third party system.
Our Implementation Centre offers best practises for your implementation.


Join Vienna Advantage CRM Community

Simply get additional modules, localizations and Industry Templates directly from the Market.



Vienna Advantage Implementations

Easy Implementation tools and the flexible architecture help you doing a quick implementation.



Become Our Service Partner

Find a Service Provider near you for Training, Customizations and Implementations.


Video Trainings

Cloud Based CRM Video Tutorial

A large number of Tutorials are available to support you in adapting the ERP System.