A must-read article for all IT job seekers in India! Read about what it’s like to work at the VIENNA Advantage office in Mohali, see how the company rewards employees loyalty and learn more about the perks and benefits offered to staff members.

First things, first: Who is VIENNA Advantage?

VIENNA Advantage is a global business software provider of modern, scalable, and well-supported solutions for mid to enterprise-level organizations, in both private and public sector. Headquartered in Germany with offices in 6 countries around the globe, the company has a long presence on the Indian market. It’s subsidiary, Vienna It Solutions Pvt Ltd, has been operating in India for more than 15 years and today employs more than 100 people. Explore all open job posts here.

VIENNA Advantage office in Mohali

Life at VIENNA Advantage – Mohali Office

VIENNA Advantage is not a standard IT company. Here, employees are treated as part of the VIENNA family rather than just another resource of the company. With positive and vibrant work atmosphere, interesting projects, and numerous growth opportunities, staff members rank VIENNA Advantage as a great place to work. According to Glassdoor India, 90% of VIENNA Advantage employees would recommend the company to their friends.

Here is what some of VIENNA Advantage current employees from India are saying.

Staff members at the Mohali office enjoy multiple perks and benefits starting from flexible work time and remote work options to subsidized drinks, competitive salaries, performance bonuses, team building parties and much more. Let’s go through some of the perks in details.

Welcome on-board pack

Every full-time employee is entitled to an onboarding package which include laptop, headphones and other IT equipment necessary for his/her work duties.

Flexible work time

VIENNA Advantage’s flexible work time policy provide employees complete control over their work-life balance. Staff members can choose to arrive at work latter or take a longer lunch break. The sole criteria is that thy have worked an 8-hour shift by the end of the workday. As an illustration, if employee starts work at 10am and takes a one-hour lunch break, the employee would leave office at 7pm.

Remote work

COVID-19 has accelerated the option of telecommuting or working from home. Following this global trend, VIENNA Advantage was amongst the first IT companies in India that introduced this new way of working to its employees. Today, remote work options are available for staff members and they are arranged with reporting managers.

Subsidized cafeterias, office parties and team building events

It is common to see employees discussing work-related topics over a coffee or tea. Free drinks are available in the Mohali office to keep employees refreshed through long workdays. The company also arranges lunch and birthday parties, holiday celebrations and team building events where employees have a chance to get to know each other better.

Pizza day at VIENNA Advantage office in Mohali

This is a great opportunity for new employees to socialize with their co-workers and senior staff members.

Birthday celebrations at VIENNA Advantage office in Mohali

“With plenty of food and drinks organized by the company we keep our bellies full and our minds rested.”

– Harmeet Kaur, HR Manager at Vienna It Solutions Pvt Ltd.

Holiday celebrations and team building events at VIENNA Advantage office in Mohali

Personal growth opportunities

Continuous learning and innovation are among the core values of VIENNA Advantage. Because of this, employees are encouraged to continually acquire new skills and competences. Growth path is set for every employee and based on their career development plan they take part in variety of trainings, ranging from onboarding trainings and specialized trainings meant for development of soft and technical skills. Trainings and certifications are also provided for staff members aiming for managerial positions within the organization.

Certified trainings offered at VIENNA Advantage office in Mohali

International travels and employee relocation opportunities

VIENNA Advantage is a global company with offices in 6 countries and clients from all around the world. Some positions in the company require international travels related to on-site solution delivery or client visits. Additionally, there are several relocation prospects based on the individual career paths of the personnel. Employees may begin their careers in India and eventually work in one of our offices worldwide, such as Canada or Germany.

Performance bonuses

Employee performance reviews are conducted on regular bases to ensure that every employee is progressing according to his /her growth plan. Based on the achieved targets and results VIENNA Advantage employees are eligible to appraisals, variables and different performance bonuses.

Rewarding Employees Loyalty

Employees loyalty at VIENNA Advantage is generously rewarded! A good example for this is the 10 Years Anniversary Surprise event that the company organized in its Mohali office.

On October 3rd, 2022, VIENNA Advantage honored the contributions of 10 employees from the Indian office who have been part of company for more than 10 years. Each of the 10 employees received a brand-new Honda Amaze car. Watch video below.

Standard Employee Benefits at VIENNA Advantage

Health/Medical insurance

These benefits are offered in cases of sickness, accident, maternity, and/or employment injury. VIENNA Advantage staff enjoy all the benefits of the Employee State Insurance (ESI) scheme. Moreover, in case of COVID-19 and unfortunate hospitalization, costs are covered by the insurance.

Employee provident fund (EPF)

The employee’s provident fund is a part of the social security payments in India which is supervised by the Miscellaneous Provision Act. VIENNA Advantage designate 12% of their employees’ basic salaries to EPF.

Vacations, leaves and holidays

VIENNA Advantage full-time employees enjoy the benefits of paid time off (35 days per year) for several reasons like annual holidays, vacations, maternity leaves, sick leaves, bereavement leaves and so on. Additionally, employees get 10 extra paid days, if found infected with Covid-19.

Gender equality and women empowerment

In VIENNA Advantage people of all genders have equal rights and opportunities. The organization tends to achieve equal or near to equal “man vs women ratio”. In the Mohali office, where women make up more than 40% of the staff, this is already evident. Additionally, women are equally eligible to apply for managerial positions. The company currently has a significant number of senior level positions held by women.

IT jobs in Mohali, India

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Rewarding Employees Loyalty in India – Done Right!
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