Build business applications with minimum coding

Deliver apps faster using no code / low-code application development and automation!

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Who is this Application Development Framework for?

Ideal for developers who are looking for fast development of custom business applications for their company or customers.


What can I do with VIENNA Advantage Framework?

Deploy your own functional features and build strong and enterprise level business apps without writing too much of code.


What types of applications can be developed?

Wide range of data-centric business apps; from simple contact management to complex manufacturing and WMS solutions.

Why customers love our low-code development platform?

“With VIENNA Advantage ADF we got highly advanced technology framework for developing vertical solutions, which we can sell globally.”

“The framework comes with pre-built general modules, that are very easy to customize for specific needs. We saved tremendous development time and we are now more concentrated on developing industry specific solutions. We shifted our entire ERP system and our solution for billing processes on VIENNA Advantage Application Development framework.”

Ludvig Ilovar
Chief Executive Officer,
3 TAV d.o.o.

“VIENNA Advantage Framework is highly configurable and offers out of the box solutions which are essential to the requirements of CSG.”

“In search for a new ERP framework as a foundation for rebuilding our world-wide distributed industry-specific ERP solution, we got to know VIENNA Advantage open source application development framework. Due to the technological and strategic orientation of the platform, we found many similarities with our vision.

Martin Merker
Chief Executive Officer,
CSG make IT GmbH

Scalable. Extendable. Customizable.

Our open source and .NET based development framework lets you model your business application in a way that best suits your business needs - without writing a single line of code!

  • Create new modules
  • Add new objects and attributes
  • Expand or change the default app layout and view

Save up to 70% of your coding time!

Most of the functional development can be achieved without any coding due to pre-built modules and components. Simplify development through ready-to-go services and business content!


What benefits does VIENNA Advantage low-code development platform brings to software companies?


Cost predictability

VIENNA Advantage Framework guarantees less risk and a greater control on costs when compared with an equivalent decision to embark on in-house R&D initiative.


Faster time-to-market

Our framework includes all required features for an enterprise ready platform, out-of-the-box. Because of that, customers report significant reduction in time-to-market.


Open source framework

Our open source scripts and transparent development technology add value and trust between our partners and the system.


Always up-to-date

As a platform provider, we ensures that our products are always on updated, proven technologies. This relieves the customer from the worry of technology obsolescence.


Mobile friendly

Use it on any device, anywhere! Deploy and run it on different screen sizes and devices, such as, mobile phones, laptops or tablets.


Own the apps you create

Keep the intellectual property of the apps you develop - we act as enablers! Only you have the right to define the licenses for the components and the apps you create.


Enterprise level framework tools

Available as white-label and commercial platform, VIENNA Advantage low-code development framework comes with inbuilt enterprise level tools, such as advanced workflow painter, security controls, cloud-native scalability, report writer, and much more.


Easy and fast deployment.

VIENNA Advantage Marketplace helps you deploy your business applications to any system without exchanging physical files!


Low-code integrations ready to connect

Our open interfaces allow you to link VIENNA Advantage Framework with third-party sources.

See our framework in action!

Explore VIENNA Advantage Application Development Framework in a personalized demo session with our experts and get answers to your questions.