In the last decade there has been a significant change in the preferences of the big companies towards the open source ERP Solutions. Today nearly 78% of the corporate businesses run some kind of open source solution. According to the “2015 Future of Open Source Survey”, the use of open source solutions has doubled since 2010, and 67% of the organizations with more than 5000 employees participate in open source software projects. The open source has become a default approach for software. Today, nearly 66% on the companies consider open source solutions before any proprietary software alternative. So now comes the big question: Why corporate companies prefer an Open Source ERP Solution?

Open Source ERP Solutions SAVE MONEY.

This is the most important factor not only for the small and mid-size companies but also for the large multinational corporations. On the long run open source ERP solutions are always more feasible than the proprietary solutions, because of several reasons. First of all, there is lower or no license cost of the software. Next, the maintenance cost and the external consultants and programmer fees are lower than the proprietary solutions. Furthermore most open source ERP solutions can use open source databases and operating systems, giving you an additional license-free options.

Open Source ERP Solutions-Saves-Money

Open Source ERP Solutions provide HIGHER QUALITY.

IT professionals from large companies agree that open source ERP Solutions provide higher quality, because many independent, and passionate developers have looked at the solutions, criticized the code, and contributed enhancements. Competition between developers is very common in open source software communities and that is the main drive that improves quality and encourages innovation. What most of the commercial ERP providers usually do is “reinventing the wheel”.


Open source ERP solutions are preferred by the big companies because they are easier to upgrade when customizations are properly implemented. Upgrades can be done more often without disruption of the production system. In this way companies using open source ERP solutions are always one step ahead of their competitors, and are harvesting the power of the latest technologies and innovations. Whereas closed source ERP solutions are slower to change and lack innovation.


In the past, the open source ERP Solutions were discarded as being less secure, but today many of them are being considered as technically superior to their proprietary counterparts. But this does not mean that open source software is perfect!

The main reason for an open source ERP Solution to be more secure is the number of contributors. If you compare a team of 50 talented programmers with a team of a 1000 talented programmers, then whom do you think will be able to produce a better quality product? Other reason for being secure is the code being open source. Anybody can identify a bug or loophole and can quickly fix it. This results in a better secured software.



Business agility is the ability to react to marketplace demands quickly. Therefore, big companies benefit from open source ERP Solutions because they let them react quickly. The software code is not tied to vendors’ timelines for commercial application upgrades, so the companies can customize and modify the ERP Solution to their specific business needs. This saves time as well as cost. VIENNA Advantage Market, part of the VIENNA Advantage ERP Solution, is first-of-its-kind podium that provides numerous free or paid apps and modules that enhance the productivity of your ERP system. You can tailor the system to your specific needs by adding different apps and modules from VIENNA Advantage Market. Moreover your system will always be automatically updated to the latest version.

OS-ERP-CustomizationOpen Source ERP Solutions MIGRATES RISK

Another, reason why big companies use open source ERP Solutions, is because they reduce dependence on a single or multiple vendors, and in this way they may reduce business risk. Open source ERP Solution providers like VIENNA Advantage, allow you to integrate apps and modules from different vendors in a way that will increase the overall productivity of your daily operations.

The advantage of choosing open source ERP Solutions against the proprietary ERP Solutions is that you own the system and its full source content. There is no lock-in or dependency on the vendor, and you are freer on how you are going to implement and modify the software. You can do this all by yourself or hire an ERP provider.

VIENNA Advantage open source ERP Solution will help you achieve your strategic business goals

6 Reasons why big companies prefer Open Source ERP Solutions
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