Oil and Gas ERP software

The journey to becoming a digital energy company starts with VIENNA Advantage

The right choice for many oil and gas sectors

VIENNA Advantage Oil & Gas software solution covers all your industry specific needs, regardless of the sector you operate in.

ofs sector oil gas

Oil Field Service (OFS), Drillers, and Equipment Sector

VIENNA Advantage helps oil field service, drillers, and equipment providers of all sizes to increase equipment utilization, streamline processes, improve organizational effectiveness and better service their exploration and production (E&P) customers.

upstream sector oil gas exploration

Upstream Sector - Exploration and Production (E&P)

VIENNA Advantage helps exploration and production operators to efficiently manage variety of contractors, joint-venture partners and oil field service companies, globally. E&P operators can bring better decisions based on a real-time business intelligence platform, and manage subsidiaries across continents, currencies, different accounting schemas and country regulations.

midstream sector oil gas distribution

Midstream Sector - Oil & Gas Distribution

VIENNA Advantage helps pipeline operators and distributors to optimize operations and improve performance of the complete supply chain. Efficiently manage global or regional transportation and storage of oil and gas products and maintain long-term cooperation with upstream and downstream partners.

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Downstream Sector - Oil & Gas Refining

Downstream refiners need to streamline their refinery, delivery and retail operations to accelerate revenue growth. VIENNA Advantage digitize and transforms the way downstream oil and gas companies manage their finances, staff, customers, retail activities, ../assets and much more.

Reimagine business processes to ensure your growth in the oil and gas industry

VIENNA Advantage ERP/CRM supports the digital transformation in oil and gas exploration, refining, processing and distribution. By combining the utilization of new technologies, digitally enabled and connected processes, and real-time data you can reduce risk, increase efficiency, and make better informed decisions. Our Oil and Gas ERP solution helps you simplify and optimize connected processes, extending beyond a single enterprise to create a digital energy network. Creating multiple set of books for financial consolidation across countries and currencies was never easier!

All you need from a modern oil and gas software

Optimize costs and investments, improve profitability and maximize return on fixed assets. Run sustainable
operations, automate the management of project, customers, partners and workforce.

Enabling the digital transformation of oil and gas production and distribution

VIENNA Advantage Oil and Gas ERP software provides all the tools you need to reshape your energy company and take advantage of the latest technologies. Today, staying at the top of your competition in the oil and gas sector is a challenging job. But luckily for you our ERP software solution is here to help you reduce complexity, automate operations, reinvent business models, and make better decisions with predictive analytics and business intelligence. Connect suppliers, customers and workforce on a single digital platform to improve efficiencies, simplify processes and reach new levels of agility.

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Plan your season

open source crm

Distribute costs with joint interest billing

Handle complex accounting operations specific for the oil and gas industry with ease. VIENNA Advantage ERP solution provides a joint interest billing functionality that lets you distribute monthly costs to well completions and operations among working interest partners.

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Manage production sharing contracts (PSC) with ease

VIENNA Advantage ERP for oil and gas helps you better understand and manage the fiscal relationship between you (the contractor) and the government. Maintain relevant accounting information, provide regular OPEX & CAPEX reports to the government, pay royalties, distribute the production between costs and revenues and decrease the financial risks.

The PSC module is well integrated with the joint interest billing module and lets you define specific calculation schemes and compute different production sharing calculations based on a preferred currency, unit of measure etc. Moreover you can create multiple set of books for financial consolidation across countries and currencies.

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Plan your season

Streamline operations with production tracking

Better manage production records to diagnose and prevent problems before they get serious. Anticipate coming issues so they can be avoided entirely. Having production records at hand can often answer a number of on-the-spot questions.

VIENNA Advantage Oil & Gas ERP solution comes with an inbuilt business intelligence platform that helps you track records from different departments and highlight where money can be saved and operations streamlined.

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Configurable Supply Chain Management

Higher efficiency in your oil and gas supply chain operations with innovative solution

Configure the structure of warehouses and locations as well as the material flow in your supply chain, from exploration and refining to processing and distribution. VIENNA Advantage Oil and Gas software helps you automatically optimize the stock of oil and gas at each location and secure the critical levels at any time.

Key Features

Oil and gas industry specific ERP features

Manufacturing erp
Joint Interest Billing
Material Requirement Planning (MRP)
Production Sharing Agreement
Warehouse Operations
Budget and AFE
Production Control
Production Output Tracking
Production Control
Supply Chain Management
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Multiple-Accounting Schemas
Material Requirement Planning (MRP)
Financial Consolidation
Warehouse Operations and management
Procurement Management
Production Control erp
Business Intelligence
Production Control erp solutions
Project Management
Manufacturing erp solutions
Workflow Management
Material Requirement Planning (MRP) erp solutions
Document Management
Warehouse Operations open source crm
Asset Management
Production Control open source
Production Control open source