People, even smaller teams have many great ideas on Business Application development, but very often lack the resources and financial backup to realize their idea. Today, there are numerous application developer programs, but most of them are very expensive and complicated. Typically, for any type of business application development, there are various framework related features that need to be developed from scratch. For any app, even if it is a small one, things like Role based Security, Data Import and Export utilities, Reports, Workflow are needed. Code needs to be written to develop the functional flow of the application. User Interface needs to be designed, testing has to be done. And when the application is completed, you need to think about ways of deploying it, upgrading it, supporting it and eventually selling it.

Introducing VIENNA Advantage Application Development Framework

VIENNA Advantage has come up with a framework which helps developing small or even larger business applications in a quick way and even market those apps. VIENNA Advantage is bringing the new way of developing, deploying and supporting business app to the people where intellectual property is owned by the developers and licensing terms of their apps are defined by themselves.

VIENNA Advantage Application Development Framework is already been used as the base of VIENNA Advantage ERP and CRM and is now available for companies and individuals to build their small or even enterprise-level applications. This modern, well designed and scalable development platform runs on all devices! We have equipped it with the right tools to quickly develop business applications.

Register to our developer program for free, and start developing business apps today!

7 Reasons why you should join VIENNA Advantage developer program

1# Early Access to Code and Files

By joining VIENNA Advantage Developer Program you will be granted with early access to all new codes and files. Our team of developers and contributors continuously works on improvement of the existing business apps and developing new tools and components. You will be among the first to know about every new release of code or documentation.

2# Access to Documents and Tools

VIENNA Advantage Framework already comes with a large set of environment features that are needed for any business application. For e.g. it is already equipped with things like Workflow Management, Role based Security, Reporting Engine, Dashboards, Web Services and much more. You can simply install the framework and make use of these features right with the first window you develop.

Development in VIENNA Advantage is of two types, development using coding and development without coding. In Development without coding, you can use the inbuilt visual tools in the framework application such as the Windows Composer or the Report Painter, to design your user interface, to create windows, fields, reports, menu structure and much more. In development with coding, you can write your own code in C#.Net and include in the project. Most of the functional development can be achieved without any coding. For instance the VIENNA Advantage ERP and CRM has been developed up to 70% without any code. This saves lots of resources, time and headache. So why wait, register to our developer program today. It is free!

3# Access to Tutorials, Help Center & Community Support

By joining VIENNA Advantage Developer Program you will have instant access to our help center where you may find answer to most of your questions. Moreover you can browse the tutorials base and all other documentation related to the application development. Additionally, you will have access to our community and forum where you can get in touch with other developers and also contribute with your knowledge.

4# Access Apps from the VIENNA Advantage Market

There are numerous tools and apps that are already developed by VIENNA Advantage or other contributors and are free to download. You can incorporate them in the new business application that you are going to develop using the VIENNA Advantage Application Development Framework. When it comes to deployment, you can simply pack the coded or non-coded development into a module and place it on the VIENNA Advantage Market to deploy it on any system in the world. It works similar to the app store of Apple or Play Store of Android. Even upgrades and patches can be delivered this way.

5# Customizability – Fully extendable, customizable

Using VIENNA Advantage Framework you can create your suitable views and forms. The system has set a default layout and view, but you can expand it or change it according to your real use requirement. You can easily create system tools and modules to your preferences.

6# Openness – An open source system

VIENNA Advantage Framework provides users with an open, transparent operation mode. Our open source scripts and transparent development technology add value and trust between customers and our system. By choosing VIENNA Advantage Framework you will gain the most benefits with the least costs. So why wait? Join our Developer Program now!

7# High Performance – Technology and Infrastructure

VIENNA Advantage Framework uses, HTML5 and jQuery technologies, wrapping them in a user friendly dashboard for data management and maintenance. Additionally, we are making the UI suitable for all mobile devices, improving the user experience by maximizing the use of the new technology and UI concepts. Our system is always supported by the latest technologies and updates.

Develop and monetize Apps on the VIENNA Advantage Market

By joining VIENNA Advantage Developer Program, you will be equipped with all the necessary tools and documentation for building apps. You have a great idea for a business application? Simply use the tools to develop the apps and place those on VIENNA Advantage Market to resell to a large customer base and community. Get started with VIENNA Advantage developer program and get instant access to a large number of tools and tutorials for developing apps on VIENNA Advantage Framework. Register by clicking on this link: Join Developer Program.

7 Reasons why you should join VIENNA Advantage Developer Program and start making money today
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