The last few months were quite busy for VIENNA Advantage team! Lots of great things have happened! Starting from the beginning of this year, we were the first open source ERP, CRM and DMS provider to release product versions based on the new HTML5 technology.

For our 10th year anniversary we have successfully released our new Document Management System, an enterprise level DMS with HTML5 user interface, available both on premises and as a web and cloud based solution.

Furthermore, we have successfully released our new web and cloud based ERP and CRM on HTML5. It is a powerful and integrated set of business applications that you can use and modify anytime, from anywhere and with any mobile device. Register now for a 30 days FREE Trial including support.

VIENNA Advnatage Register_open source ERPLast but not least we have released our new integrated Retail and Supply Chain Industry Template for Retailers, Distributors, Wholesalers and FMCG companies. This industry template comprises of an ERP system in the back-end, seamlessly integrated with a powerful POS Interface in the front-end.

All this effort was awarded in the end with a recognition: “20 Most Promising Open Source ERP Solutions in the world” issued by “The ERP Insights Magazine”. Below you may find a part of the interview with our CEO, Atul Dua.

Q: Which product would you like us to highlight in the article? Which are the specific markets or business challenges it deals with?

The product that we would like to highlight is: VIENNA Advantage ERP and CRM. It is an open source ERP and CRM with full access to its source code. Based in Germany, it is currently one of the fastest growing open source ERP and CRM worldwide.

VIENNA Advantage is a generic ERP that can cater to all types of industries. It has a configuration layer that allows you to setup the system for any industry without customization in the code. A number of industries are already benefiting from our open source ERP such as: Automotive, Wholesale and Distribution, Retail with POS, Manufacturing, Education, Healthcare, Government and many more.

VIENNA Advantage comes with a large number of modules covering the entire needs of an enterprise: Order Management, Sales and Marketing, Customer Relationship Management, Human Resource Management, Supply Chain Management, Procurement, Manufacturing, Financial Accounting, Budgeting, Project Management, Time & Expense and several others.

Q: How is your flagship product positioned in the market? What are its special features or capabilities?

It is positioned as a premium open source product, a viable and attractive alternative to the proprietary products such as SAP, Microsoft Dynamics and Netsuite. Being originated in Germany and European market, it offers benchmark processes which increase the productivity and control in all organizations.

We are currently a serious competitors to SAP and Microsoft in the market and have won many deals against the traditional products.

Apart from covering the complete functional side of an enterprise, the specialty of the product is the ease of use and low implementation time due to a large number of ready-made industry templates and a plenty of tools which allow a quick roll-out. It offers a low risk scenarios to companies who are looking to implement a scalable open source ERP system. The product comes with the latest HTML5 technology which runs independent from the operating system and browsers in a web based environment, even supported on mobile devices like tablets.

Modules_Open Source ERP

Q: What was the motivation behind developing this product? What benefits does it unlock for the users?

The mid-sized sector was left unattended for a long time by the large players. So reliable solutions which can grow with the companies were very rare, and the disappointment for companies in the medium sized sector about implementation failure were increasing. Even when the market players started coming up with generic solutions for the mid-sized sector, the solutions were not flexible enough to cater to the needs of these companies and the market players could not really come down to a cost which is affordable for these companies. Medium sized companies need solutions which can still be customized but at a far smaller cost than the large companies.

A clear vision towards the needs of the SME, VIENNA Advantage started with a focus on strong architecture, which sets new standards towards flexibility, standardization and adaptability at a low cost. To come up with the right model for these companies, VA decided to offer the solution in an open source model which fully frees the companies from any dependencies.

Extending partnerships with process owners of industries and legislations, VIENNA Advantage has realized a large number of customer implementations and standardized the industry processes to a great set of ERP features.

Some of the benefits for the customers are:
  • A real enterprise level solution which you will not outgrow as it grows with you
  • Helps you adapting benchmark processes in your industry based on the knowledge of a large set of industries
  • A internationally recognized solution, specially tailored for the medium sized companies, offering a low cost of ownership
  • No dependencies on any vendor or service provider, as the customers get full access to the source code
  • An innovative solution that is available on any device from the cloud, without any prior investment
  • Totally localized solution with a large number of integration points to other renowned solutions such as eCommerce, Banking, Logistics and many more
  • Quick and low risk implementation

VIENNA Advnatage Register_open source ERPQ: How is the product different from other products available in the market? What is the USP of the same?

The strength of the product, apart from its brilliant functional and technical features is an inbuilt marketplace. This marketplace is similar to the AppStore of Apple of Play Store of Android. It allows you to upgrade your ERP to the latest version with just a button click, sustaining the customizations done at your end. Apart from that it allows you to install any modules, add-ons and features offered by a large number of companies world-wide. Most of the modules offered in the Marketplace are free of cost and help companies to always extend the ERP and the functionality on demand.

A lot of focus has been put on usability, design and gamification, while keeping users in mind. This reflects in the UI of the solution. Overall the product offers a unique combination of: ERP, CRM, Document Management, Workflow Management and Business Intelligence in a single system.

Services are always provided through partners who have to qualify in order to be listed as one. If you are consultant, software provider or just enthusiastic to become part of our fast growing partnership network you can find more information about our partnership program here: Partnership Opportunities

Q: What kind of technological add ups and innovations are you planning to bring up in future? 

VIENNA Advantage keeps on coming with new innovative ideas and features. In 2015, VA is planning to add up a large number of localizations and functional features to its existing portfolio. Additionally a number of solutions will be readily available for deployment on the cloud at a very attractive pricing model.

Apart from that, VA is planning to add In-memory capabilities to its existing Reporting Dashboards which are already available on all devices. A drag and drop workflow composer is one of the other plans for this year which shall be available on the new HTML5 UI.

A large customer centric and innovative road map is formed and updated every year with a large number of achievements.

VIENNA Advnatage Register_open source ERP

20 Most Promising Open Source ERP Solutions in the World
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