Experience the best user interface developed on HTML5

As an innovative and future-oriented company, Vienna Advantage is happy to announce that starting from the beginning of 2015 all our products: ERP and CRM, Document Management System, Point of Sale, will be supporting the HTML5 technology.

What does the HTML5 technology bring, in general, to the VIENNA Advantage users?

HTML5 opens a complete new world of possibilities for the users. It is light, runs on all devices and is truly available from anywhere even with a low bandwidth. It is the latest web technology for Web user interface and allows a very good combination of server side processing and client side processing.

What changes for the VIENNA users with HTML5?

We have not only looked to convert the system into a new technology, but actually improved every single activity in the system using the new technological advancements. So the time to do a transaction reduces to a lowest minimum and the productivity is increased by miles.

Home Screen_VA-HTML5

Home Menu Window – Screenshot


Market Window – Screenshot

Business Analitics_VA-HTML5

Business Analytics Window – Screenshot

For more screenshots of our new HTML5 user interface please click here.

What are the biggest advantages of HTML5 technology for the end user?

In one word: Mobility – Runs on all devices with a single app (iphone, ipad, pc, linux, mac). The HTML5 brings more possibilities and features:

  • Combines advantages of native apps and web apps and works with the interfaces of phones.
  • Offers great user experience: using a web app bundled with a feel of a native app and intuitive user interface
  • Offer great performance by using client side and server side processing
  • Less administrative effort compared to a local client installations
  • No need for local client installations, just download the app and start using it!

Users views on HTML5:

“As a mobile users on your tablet or phone, you could look up for a customer’s address and use the phone navigation to navigate to their location with a single tap.”

“You can take a photograph from your phone and attach the image as document to a record or a transaction in the system. This way we are using the best of both, the mobile devices and a world-class ERP system.”

“The new VIENNA Advantage system is quite intuitive so we did not require any retraining on the features we were using on Silverlight. But the new version contains a large number of improvements that save lots of time while working.”

“We are able to use mobile devices for our warehouse operations and are able to quickly receive, ship or move material.”

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Experience the best ERP and CRM user interface developed on HTML5!
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