We are happy to announce that we have successfully released, tested and implemented our newest industry template: ERP Solution for Life Insurance companies. The solution comprises of a complete set of functional modules that any life insurance company might need. Besides that, it comes with a large range of productivity and technical features that will boost your productivity, improve your customer management and consolidate your finances.

But maybe the most important thing to mention is that VIENNA Advantage is the first ERP solution for Life Insurance companies that comes with inbuilt enterprise level Document Management System. This is a unique feature that no other competitor provides.

Now with a single solution you can manage all ERP and CRM operations as well as all your company documentation without integrating third party applications which might be expensive and not work properly, due to inappropriate integration.

Modules_ERP solution

VIENNA Advantage Life insurance ERP is flexible and open solution which can be extended in numerous ways. You can customize workflows, business reporting and many other functionalities within the system, as well as connect it with third party web services and applications.

The solution is web based and accessible from any mobile device. You can choose to deploy it on-premise, on your private cloud or on the Enterprise Cloud offered by VIENNA Advantage.


Key benefits of our Life Insurance software

Process automation via flexible rules & workflow management capabilities

Reduce error-prone manual processes with fast and efficient automation using flexible rules, workflows and e-form technology that increases velocity for arduous administrative tasks.

Flexibility to handle complex multi-product, multi-channel models

VIENNA Advantage Life Insurance ERP solution is designed to support multiple hierarchies across, channels, products and geography.

Insurance Platform designed to enable growth

Our Life Insurance ERP solution allows business users to configure the software to meet their process needs, hence empowering organizations to seamlessly achieve their administrative goals with minimal effort, which allows them to focus on maximizing productivity.

Optimize your strategy with performance analytics tools

The ability to analyze and visualize performance data quickly and easily can present a monumental advantage to insurers. Our Analytics tool can slice and dice data however you want, generate custom reports when needed (without technical knowledge), and present them visually with vivid dashboards.

The presentation below will give you a complete overview of our Life Insurance ERP solution.

General Overview: Life Insurance ERP solution

Support your business growth and achieve business agility

VIENNA Advantage Life Insurance ERP solution provides a fully-configurable, flexible and business-friendly Product Workbench that will enable you to hit the market fast and easy.

Empower your policy distribution with a digitalized environment

Our ERP solution enables multi-channel distribution and salesforce management. Agents and customers are able to access real-time, accurate data at any time – from any mobile device – and will facilitate your conversion to a digitalized environment and distribution system.

Go global, go local

VIENNA Advantage Life Insurance ERP is designed for multi-dimensional and global operations, with seamless multi-brand, multi-regulation, multi-currency and multi-language capabilities.

VIENNA Advantage in the Cloud

Our core policy administration suite for the life insurance market can be deployed on premises or on a open and flexible cloud service platform. In this way insurers can now enjoy all that VIENNA Advantage offers, combined with the advantages of the cloud.

Reduce TCO through operational excellence

Optimizes operations across the entire business life-cycle, through streamlined and automated processes, workflow management and seamless integration to all other applications. We provide unique configuration flexibility that will allow you to react quickly and accurately to market and regulatory changes.

Have a complete overview of all functional, productivity and technical features of our Life Insurance ERP solution: Download Brochure



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ERP Solution for Life Insurance Companies
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