Encodata, a Gold Partner of VIENNA Advantage, in coordination with VIENNA Lab Italy have been working to localize the Financial Modules of VIENNA Advantage to suit to the Italian market. What came out is a complete solution that not only suits the Italian market but also can be adapted in many other European countries, most of the times without much customization even.

The core of the features includes European Taxation w.r.t. the VAT for intereuropean as well as national trade. The complete VAT registers including Tax Declaration have been localized. Apart from that a number of features related to payment types including RIBA, MAV, SEPA and many other local standards have been fulfilled. Going even further Encodata has also managed advanced features like Enasarco, FIRR and INPS.

With this package, Encodata and VIENNA Lab are ready to take the Italian market by storm and already have started various implementation projects and also completed one go live in retail environment.

More exciting news to come from the Italian partners Encodata and VIENNA Lab Italy in the coming months.
For more information on the Italian localization, please contact:

Vienna Lab_Italy_logoFrancesco Scalise
VIENNA Lab Italy
Piazza IV Novembre, 7
20124 Milano
+39 02 21116169

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Taxation suitable for European Countries
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