Last week we created a summarized list of the top 5 SlideShare presentations in 2016 by VIENNA Advantage. This week we decided to do another list just before the end of the year featuring VIENNA Advantage top 7 blog posts in 2016. Here is the final list:

No.7:  9 Steps guide for successful ERP Selection

Some ERP solutions might really be one of the best in the market, but will they cover your company specific needs and serve you in a way that will support your business growth? With so many options available today, a company needs to have clear selection criteria in order to make the right decision and choose the ERP that best suits its business needs. This 9 steps will help you discover and adopt an optimum ERP solution for your business. Continue reading, click here.

No.6: 9 Key benefits of ERP and CRM integration

ERP and CRM, are two products that go great together. While either product can work well on its own, their true potential is realized only when full ERP and CRM integration is achieved. Many small-to-midsized organizations use integrated ERP and CRM solutions to automate and improve the management of their operations. While, ERP systems automate and manage back-office business activities, such as accounting, HR, purchase, manufacturing… and streamline business processes, CRM is a front-office system that should simplify and standardize customer interactions, manage sales pipeline, support, up-sells, track customer information and create dashboards and reports on this data. Continue reading, click here.

No.5: How to develop a New Product in 5 steps?

Experts estimate that consumer packaged-goods companies spend at least $20 million to introduce a new brand-and 70% to 80% percent of these new brand flop. That is a big expense and a waste. In the service sector, the front-end cost of a failed effort may not be as high, but it can have a devastating long-term effect if dissatisfied customers turn elsewhere for help. To move quickly and avoid expensive new product failures, companies should follow an organized new-product development process. The following 5 steps describe such a process. Read more.

No.4: 8 Features every Document Management System – DMS – must have

Today, implementing a quality document management system is critical for a business to succeed. Therefore, when searching for a reputable document management system, have in mind that an ideal DMS should contain the following 8 groups of features: read more.

No.3: What is the difference between ERP and MRP?

Today, ERP and MRP (Enterprise resource planning and material requirement planning) are seen as two complementary systems, where ERP is a backbone that supports multiple modules including MRP. But this was not always the case. In this blog article you’ll learn about the history of ERP and MRP systems, key differences and which system is right for your business. Read more.

No.2: 20 Most Promising Open Source ERP Solutions in the World

VIENNA Advantage was recognized as one of the 20 most promising open source ERP solutions in the world by “The ERP Insights Magazine”. In this article you may find a part of the interview with our CEO. Read more.

No.1: How to Evaluate a CRM – Customer Relationship Management Software?

Investing in the right CRM solution would most probably increase productivity, cut operating costs, boost efficiency and increase revenue. But with so many options available today, a company needs to have clear selection criteria in order to make the right decision and choose the CRM that best suits its business needs.The following steps would help corporate officers, senior management and marketing and sales personnel jointly discover and adopt an optimum CRM solution. Read more. 

Who is VIENNA Advantage?

Based in Germany with offices around the globe, VIENNA Advantage is one of the fastest growing open source ERP and CRM providers. It’s the first open source ERP and CRM that comes with inbuilt Document Management System and Business Intelligence module. This software solution is web based and available from any mobile device. You can set it up on premise or on the cloud. There are numerous industry templates already available and the team is publishing new ones every year.

Recently, the community edition of this solution was chosen as one of the top free and open source ERP software by Capterra.

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Top 7 Blog Posts in 2016 from VIENNA Advantage
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