This spring, VIENNA Advantage ERP/CRM has earned the ‘2020 High Performer’ recognition in the ERP category awarded by G2, the world’s leading B2B software and services review platform.

About the High Performer Recognition

VIENNA Advantage earns the ‘2020 High Performer’ recognition based on the review ratings posted by its users on G2 software reviewing platform. G2 platform collects real-time and unbiased reviews from active users of the software. While posting the reviews, users are required to answer specific questions about their experience. Genuine and verified reviews provide real software insights to potential buyers and help them compare different tools and software to find the best one suited for their needs.

The reviews of VIENNA Advantage highlight its enterprise ERP capabilities, powerful real-time reporting, ease of use and navigation, as well as the excellent customer support. Some of the users mentioned that VIENNA Advantage ERP helped them gain deeper insights about their business, streamline complex business processes and increase their ROI.

The reviewers come from a wide range of industries, such as Information Technology and Services, Construction, Staffing and Recruiting, Consultancy, Food & Beverages and many other industries.

Here is what some of them say about VIENNA Advantage ERP:

  • “VIENNA Advantage enterprise ERP is the added value that every company needs” – Felix F., Senior Consultant
  • “The Best ERP/CRM solution” – Stephen H., Mechanical Designer
  • “Great Company, terrific product! A team of world class technicians and support personnel” – Trent D., CEO
  • “VIENNA Advantage is a comprehensive enterprise resource planning software with dynamic user interface” – Raju K., CEO

VIENNA Advantage position at G2 Grid for ERP Systems

G2 Grid for ERP systems is a visual presentation of the ranking of the top ERP solutions listed on the G2 software reviewing platform. The placement of each ERP solution on the grid is determined by the G2 Score. This score is calculated based on reviews gathered from G2 user community, as well as data aggregated from online sources and social networks. Together, these scores are mapped on the proprietary G2 Grid.

About VIENNA Advantage ERP

VIENNA Advantage ERP/CRM is the first enterprise-level open source ERP/CRM solution with inbuilt document management and business intelligence system, available on the cloud and on-premises. Realize strategic goals with one enterprise application across the company. Hundreds of features within the tightly integrated ERP and CRM solution.

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VIENNA Advantage ERP Earns ‘2020 High Performer’ Badge by G2
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