VIENNA Advantage Installation Packages and Source files

Please read this page carefully to know how to install VIENNA Advantage Core System as well as additional modules.

Decide what you like to install

There are various packages available for installation of VIENNA Advantage. Depending on whether you are looking to deploy the VIENNA Advantage Framework or the VIENNA Advantage ERP and CRM you would need a different set of installation files. In addition to that VIENNA Advantage offers a different set of files depending on the choice of the database. A separate setup for Oracle and PostreSQL is available. Following packages can be downloaded and installed:

VIENNA Advantage Framework with PostgreSQL DB

VIENNA Advantage Framework with Oracle DB

VIENNA Advantage ERP and CRM with Oracle DB

VIENNA Advantage ERP and CRM with PostgreSQL (Coming Soon)

All the above mentioned packages are based on our HTML5 edition. The Siliverlight Edition has been discontinued.

Installation instructions

Follow the installation instructions to install the application. Note that the installation instructions do not include any guidance on how to install the Database engine such as Oracle or PostgreSQL. Please look for the installation instructions of the databases on the respective websites. The installation of VIENNA Advantage ERP and CRM requires IIS, which is available on Windows operating system. Here a link to the installation instructions.

Installation Instructions


Update your modules

Whatever version of VIENNA Advantage you might have downloaded, you can always update to the latest version from the VIENNA Advantage Market. The market is an inbuild component of the package which allows you to download additional modules, features, upgrade your system and much more. In order to access the market, you need to register as part of the community. Most of the modules available there are community modules and free. Also commercial modules are distributed through the market. The Market is a central tool for VIENNA Advantage users to keep their system uptodate.

If you want to explore the market and the available modules, please Click Here.

VIENNA Advantage Source Files and Documentation

The source code of VIENNA Advantage Core system including its Framework and ERP has been uploaded to various public repositories. To download, register the the community and get access to the source code. Source code is released periodically on those platforms. Currently we are working on a real-time access to all submits and shall be able to offer that soon. Any contributions to the code, branches, modules can be submitted to the community from the community portal as a ticket to VA. We hope for your active involvement in contributing to the standard. We do a quality assurance of all contributions before these are added to the released package.

VIENNA Advantage has prepared a set of documents including user manuals, business process flows, sample project plans and much more in the community portal. Feel free to explore those and get started with VA.

Source Code of VIENNA Advantage

To access the source code of VIENNA Advantage ERP/CRM, please register or login into our community portal.


As part of the community you can avail all the tools, documents and updates related to VIENNA Advantage products. To download content you’ll
need to login first.

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