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The Business

Batir Spa is a modern food retailing company, started in 2014 with a new concept of food retailing in the name “Salsamenteria”. The concept of the retail chain: “All items must be fresh, high quality and offered in a short proximity to residential areas”.

Starting in these times of high competition, not only the concept should be solid, but also the execution, information flow, operations and processes must be optimized to become a successful player in the highly competitive environment.

VIENNA Advantage was selected as the best ERP solution for Batir Spa by the management of the company, competing against established and large market players. An innovative approach towards IT structures of retail companies brought the deal to VIENNA Advantage, as it was not just modern and better suitable retail management solution to these times, but also brought a drastic cost effectiveness along.

The biggest challenge was the time to go live, which was planned to be about three months from the project start. A maximum level of automation along with the roll out of VIENNA Advantage POS had to be achieved in this short time frame.

VIENNA Retail Management_1The Challenge

The challenge was accepted by Encodata Spa along with VIENNA Lab Italy, both strong Italian partners of VIENNA Advantage. A long years of experience of the teams in the Italian market along with an uncomplicated implementation approach of VIENNA Advantage were the keys towards achieving the target on time.

VIENNA Advantage Retail Management_2Some of the key areas of automation were:

  • Stock optimization based on sales
  • Automatic replenishment with distributed deliveries to stores or warehouses
  • Expiry date management of the items
  • Central Price Management
  • Real time Sales and Stock reporting
  • Sales Tax reporting as per the Italian regulations
  • Staff Optimization in the stores and warehouse

VIENNA Retail Management_3The Solution: Integrated Retail Management Solution

Initially focusing on the opening of 10 stores, linked to a central warehouse, VIENNA Advantage ERP and CRM was deployed in a cloud model, completely provided and supported by VIENNA Advantage. The client did not need to invest in server infrastructure and could start instantly with the deployment of the solution. The business analysis of the client’s processes reflected a new approach towards many things which required a big level of flexibility and adaptation by the solution. Despite many new methods of operations, VIENNA Advantage Retail Management Solution was able to manage the process definition with the help of its inbuilt tools such as Workflow Management, Report Composer and others. A number of ready-made Italian localization features were deployed from the VIENNA Advantage Market.

A real-time reporting cockpit was deployed based on the new HTML5 platform allowing access from anywhere.

VIENNA Retail Management_4The training of the users was backed up with a localized documentation and recorded videos.

As a result central system across all stores and warehouses was implemented, which was able to self-upgrade remotely without the need of de-central server infrastructure. The transactions are being done over the internet with a peace of mind, having offline capabilities, in case the internet is unstable or not available for longer periods.

VIENNA Retail Management_5 VIENNA Retail Management_6

Food Retail Success Story: VIENNA Advantage Retail Management Solution
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