The Business

In a niche market where consumers are captivated by novelty and design, where the “unforgiving” customer pays the price for perfection, a luxury brand has to be driven with vision, creativity and a tireless effort towards establishment of precise processes. Every aspect of this business has simply one necessity, implement the best technology and push its limits! Therefore, every company competing in this industry, has to have a reliable ERP-CRM software solution that will support it’s complex business needs.

The Industry

The luxury goods industry has continuously delivered high value to its customers by innovating with complex designs and setting higher standards of quality by tightly controlling the design and manufacturing processes.

The Challenge: Integration of all business processes into one ERP-CRM software solution

An application used to manage a complex luxury business is posed with unique set of challenges:

  • Managing design documents, drawings and their revisions in the highly dynamic environment of a creative design studio.
  • Country / market / customer specific products
  • Product configurations
  • Defining and managing processes for manufacturing or outsourcing of part-prototypes, including parts used for packaging and packing
  • Control, revision and release of designs for production
  • A combination of discrete and batch manufacturing processes in separate production locations and lines:
    • Perfume blended in batches
    • Packing parts are outsourced and assembled in-house using custom equipment, trained personnel and consumables. The perfume is then packed.
    • Packing materials outsourced and assembled in-house
    • Tertiary packing materials are also outsourced
  • Managing multiple raw materials and finished goods warehouse locations
  • Managing procurement from several overseas suppliers
  • Managing sales through multi-brand retail store-chains in more than 25 countries in addition to direct and online sales
  • Management of value added services and channel partners’ outlets
  • Use of isolated software-applications at various levels
  • Inability to scale-up the existing applications due to obsolescence
  • Lack of interoperability between various applications
  • Lack of an enterprise-wide application, seamlessly integrated

The Solution: Integrated ERP-CRM solution for better business process management

For our customer in the upper scale fashion industry, VIENNA Advantage provided a comprehensive ERP-CRM solution with the following modules and features:

The Result

ERP-CRM Solution for Luxury and Fashion Industry

Act While There’s Still Time

Today, digital disruption is affecting practically every business sector, and hence, visionary executives are leaning towards transforming their companies to stay relevant in their markets and to enjoy a competitive advantage. To most companies, this involves the modernization of their core ERP platform and shifting it to the cloud for enhanced management of costs, better agility, and quicker access to innovations. This is an ideal time to shift to VIENNA Advantage ERP for Fashion Industry.

How VIENNA Advantage ERP-CRM transformed the business process management for a luxury perfume & fashion accessories brand
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