In the next period we will be writing a short series of articles explaining some key functionalities of our Document Management System which we believe would give you comprehensive insights of our DMS solution. Moreover, this series of articles will help you get started with the system. So let’s begin with a proper introduction of the solution.

Solution Overview

VIENNA Advantage DMS is an enterprise level document management system designed to meet any functional requirements, of any organization, and to support any number of users and documents.

Our DMS solution can be installed [1] on premises, [2] on your private cloud or [3] on the Enterprise Cloud offered by VIENNA Advantage. Its web-based mobile client is light enough to run on all mobile devices and enables you to be in control of your documents from anywhere.

Using VIENNA Advantage DMS is easy and intuitive! The system automatically picks up documents from your existing repositories and index the documents in a structured way, based on preset rules in the workflow. VIENNA Advantage DMS is the first ever enterprise level document management system that is tightly integrated with an ERP and CRM solution.

Why VIENNA Advantage DMS is the best solution for your organization?

VIENNA Advantage DMS is a comprehensive Document Management Solution used by many organizations and government institutions world-wide. With its rich set of features it can easily take on any world class DMS. Furthermore, it provides an intuitive and easy user interface, with short learning curve, that lets you go live quickly.

VIENNA Advantage DMS comes with inbuilt business process management and workflow automation that automatically routes the documents to their destination. Talking about the documents we should also mention that our DMS solution provides search in content feature, supporting multiple languages, including OCR in more than 27 languages. A powerful document search engine searches through document content and gives you quick results.

This document management system provides highly secure documents encryption and role based access. In this way you can get a role based information in real time and also set alewtrs based on documents. As we mentioned before, it provides seamless integration with ERP and CRM, making it the first ever document management system that is tightly integrated with VIENNA Advantage ERP and CRM.


Getting started with VIENNA Advantage Document Management System

The focus of this tutorial is to explain you how to start with the document management system and make you familiar with it’s features.

Login for the first time

After downloading and installing the necessary files you can login into the system and start working on some basic customizations and setups. When login for the first time:

[1] Use “SuperUser” username and appointed default password and click “Login” button

[2] A new window will open from where you should choose: Role, Client, Organization and Warehouse (if applicable).

[3] Than click on the “Login” button

[4] And you will enter the “Home Screen” of our DMS system. The home screen will be pretty empty, but that is because you are just starting the system. As soon as you you make the initial setup you will see some more objects and notifications on the home screen.


It is important to note that only System Administrators have the right to install modules and make administrative system enhancements.

Verifying whether the right modules are installed

In order to start using the DMS system, you should first verify whether the right modules are installed. To do that, [1] navigate to the “Links” section on the “Home Screen” and click on the “Market” icon to access the Market Menu. [2] Once you are in the Market Menu, under the “All Apps” tab, you may see all installed modules, as well as all available modules.

VIENNA Advantage DMS as a stand alone is based on the VIENNA Advantage Application Development Framework. Therefore, based on this framework, a certain modules should be installed to run the Document Management System:

  • Supporting JSFiles (Required)
  • Framework Base Functionality (Required)
  • DMS Editor Files (Required)
  • Document Management System (Required) – the most important module!
  • VIENNA Advantage Professional Edition (optional) – install only if you have access to VIENNA Advantage Professional Edition


Once you have installed all this modules you would have the complete package of VIENNA Advantage Document Management System.

Creating New Tenant

VIENNA Advantage DMS is a multi-tenant system. This means that you can install a number of tenants/organizations in a single database setup. To create a new tenant follow this steps:

[1] Navigate to the “Links” section on the “Home Screen” and click on the “Initial Tenant Setup” icon

[2] A new window will open where you should enter the required information such as:

  • Tenant Name (Example: Insurance Company)
  • Organization Name (Example: ABC Insurance Limited)
  • User/Contact Tenant – this is going to be the Administrator for that Tenant/Client and will have all the access on all transactions (Example: InsuranceAdmin)
  • User/Contact Organization (Example: Insurance User)
  • Currency (Example: US Dollar)
  • Country (Example: United States)
  • City Name (Example: New York)
  • Region (Example: NY)
  • Optional – You do not need to check the boxes in this field if you are using the VIENNA Advantage DMS as a stand alone application. Othervise, if you are using the DMS with the Accounting or VIENNA Advantage ERP and CRM, than you might want to check this fields which are related to accounting.

[3] Once you fill in all information, click on “Done”, and a New Tenant will be created.


Login to the New Tenant

To log in to the newly created tenant follow this steps:

[1] Logout from the existing system by clicking on the “Log out button” on the Home Screen

[2] You will be redirected to the Initial Login Screen

[3] Insert the Username & Password provided with creation of the new tennant (In our example:  InsuranceAdmin. Username & Password are the same!).

[4] Click “Login button”

[5] A new window will open from where you should choose:

  • Role (In our example we created: Insurance Company Admin or Insurance Company User)
  • Client (In our example: Insurance Company)
  • Organization (In our example: ABC Insurance Limited)

[6] Click on Login


Switching Roles in the New Tenant

VIENNA Advantage Document Management System allows you to easyly switch from one to another role within the Home Screen. To switch role follow this steps:

[1] On the Home Screen > Click on the Current Role

[2] A falling menu will appear from where you can switch to another Role, Client or Organzation

[3] After setting the parameters click on “Change” button


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The ultimate guide to VIENNA Advantage Document Management System
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