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What makes VIENNA Advantage ERP/CRM unique?

A right mixture of features covering all functional modules.

Material mangement

Optimize your inventory

Optimize your inventory levels with fully automated replenishment, manage material movements, purchase-to-order and eliminate pilferage. Improve demand planning and decrease safety stock levels to cut costs, manage internal use and physical inventory changes, manage inventory valuation, maintain accurate inventory in order to schedule purchases and production and much more.

Track your storage value using various stock valuation methods

Our Inventory Management module lets you choose your favorite stock valuation method whether it is valuation based on product, organization, LOT, consignment, etc. Choose multiple stock valuation methods at the same time and enable automatic valuation and posting into the accounts.

Financial Management

Multi-Dimensional Accounting

Look at your accounting data from all angles. You can define infinitive dimensions and track your numbers in combination with accounting dimensions such as projects, divisions and many more.

Drill-down reporting

Get into the substance of the data from the highest to the lowest level by drilling into the reports. Additionally, you are able to Zoom across different related transactions and documents.

Simple Operational Tools

The operational tools make the life of your staff much easier. Whether bank reconciliation, accounts receivable and payable or cash management, a large set of easy transactions save time and avoids lots of manual work.


Material Requirement Planning

The open source nature of our ERP solution lets you access the source code and modify or further enhance the system according to your business needs or changing circumstances.

Multi-level BOM Management

Define your product BOMs consisting of multiple types and levels of components. Execute product planning of each component of an assembled product with a single click.

Tight Production Control

Track manufacturing of each component through all stages and get real picture of your work order in the manufacturing process. Identify inefficiencies or wastage and design better processes.

Product Costing

Inbuilt costing engine

Our product costing engine offering calculation of actual costs, automatically and simultaneously calculated by several costing methods.

Customer Relationship (CRM)

Know your customers better

Get a 360° view of your customer, by evaluating and analyzing all data that comes together in your CRM, irrespective of the functional area.

CRM on-the-go

Stay connected and up-to-date wherever you go. Our web-based CRM gives you instant access to customers’ info and sales activity on any smart device. Whether is a smart phone, tablet, laptop…it doesn’t matter.

Proactive reporting

Set your preferred reports and alerts, get proactive reminders by the system of completed and pending transactions, events, tasks or activities.

Marketing and Sales

Marketing and Campaigning

Plan, budget and execute campaigns right in your CRM system. Track the actual results of your campaigns based on leads, opportunities, sales as well as the cost. Allocate responsibilities and plan resources in order to make your campaigns successful.

Sell smarter

Efficiently follow-up on your prospects! Steer and control your sales team across regions, channels and ensure maximum conversion of opportunities to orders.

Sales automation

Don't forget to periodically invoice or re-invoice your customers! Generate recurring invoices as per a fixed schedule, and control recurring invoicing and service contracts by automating subscriptions and invoicing.

Warehouse Management

Automate complex warehouse operations

Generate automatic pick-list, put-away list and warehouse tasks.

Configurable Supply Chain

Configure the structure of warehouses and locations as well as the material flow, from one location to the other, in order to automatically optimize the stock at each location and secure the critical levels at any time. Link various warehouses and their operations with each other, and achieve an efficient supply chain.

Use devices effectively

VIENNA Advantage is easily integrated with automatic identification and data capture technology such as, bar code / RFID scanners and printers.

Time & Expense

Track time and expenses against assignments and projects from anywhere

Access the web user interface from anywhere, record your time and expenses on projects, against customers.

Automate tasks using workflows

Automatically generate customer invoices with their specific price lists based on the time and expenses recorded. Automate approvals by routing the expense reports to the right approval authorities. Never miss a deadline to record time and expenses due to automatic alerts generated by the system.

Set rules and prices for reimbursements

Set rules and price lists for reimbursements to internal employees or contractors.

Human Resource (HRM)

Manage relationships with your employees

Manage all interactions with employees through various channels. Generate a 360° view of your permanent and contract employees.

Reduce administrative effort and ensure compliance

Minimize your administrative work on generating payroll, creating reports for management, archiving and creating documents. Our solution lets you setup your country specific policies in the system and ensures compliance.

Easy Integration with Attendance & Access Control Systems

Integrate with a variety of RFID and Bio-metric devices in order to track time and work.

Project management

Plan and budget your projects with multiple plan versions

Create multiple plan versions at beginning or during the project execution. Lay down your project structure and generate automatic quotes or orders based on your project plan.

Build project template and reproduce plans quickly

Use templates to quickly plan and budget projects. Simply select a template in order to replicate the project structure.

Structure project milestones, phases, tasks and allocate resources

Do a detailed planning by allocating material, services and resources to tasks, phases or milestones. Automatically generate invoices or orders based on milestones and the percentage of completion.

Service Requests

Manage service contracts and renewal

Define Service Level Agreements towards your customers and contractors. Set rules and guidelines for automatic renewals and renew contracts automatically. Generate recurring invoicing automatically, based on service contracts.

Manage scope changes and invoice change requests

Define budget for your service projects and track actual versus budget.

Fixed price or Time and Material Projects

Work on fixed price or time and material projects.

Order Management

Manage and fulfill configurable products

VIENNA Advantage gives you the flexibility to manage complex configurable products with ease. Variants of BOM components can be set on sales order level rather than on Master Bill of Materials level to support ad-hoc configuration of products at the time of ordering.

Reduce cost per order & eliminate incorrect shipments

Reduce the number of personnel in order fulfillment and reduce the cost incurred per order. Moreover, reduce human entries and reduce incorrect shipments to a minimum.

Open Source

Source Code

Our Software Development Kit includes the source code of VIENNA Advantage in order for you to explore and develop your own components and modules.

No Lock-In

Having the complete access to the core you can always rely on your favorite service provider rather than being locked in with a proprietary software company.


Access hundreds of documents, videos, tutorial and much more in our customer portal for you to comfortably engage with VIENNA Advantage.

Mobile and Web

Browser based Interface

VIENNA Advantage runs in a browser without the need to install any local clients, this is easy and saves maintenance and upgrade cost.

Work from anywhere

Access VIENNA Advantage from anywhere through the web.

Cloud or On Premise

You can deploy VA either in the VIENNA Cloud, your own private cloud or on premise. Always the right solution for your needs.


For users

Download a specific localization for your country/region, upgrade your system with an additional module, or immediately get the right ERP template for your industry. Moreover, always keep your ERP/CRM system up-to-date with the automatic updater. Integrate third party web services to your current ERP solution or link your system with other systems.

For partners / developers

Do you have a great idea for a business application, extension or localization pack for VIENNA Advantage ERP/CRM? Use our Development Framework to develop the apps, packs and add-ons and commercialize them via VIENNA Advantage Market.


Out of the Box Integration

VIENNA Advantage offers a number of Out-of-the-box integrations to various renowned services. See the list of partners here.

Web Services

The generic web services layer allows you to integrate with other software and hardware solutions. Even your newly developed functionality can be accessed using the standard web services.

EDI and other formats

VIENNA Advantage support a number of different formats for data exchange between systems.

Workflow Management

Powerful Workflow Engine

VIENNA Advantage has an inbuilt workflow management system that allows you to define and modify your business process with a variety of options without coding.

Works with all Modules

The Workflow Management System works not only seamlessly with all core modules but also allows you to define workflow on newly designed functionality.

Trigger from External Systems

You can trigger the VA workflow even through web services connecting to VIENNA Advantage through other systems.

Productivity and Collaboration Tools

Email, Calendar and Task Management

Everyone uses collaboration tools but usually these are not linked with your business data. VIENNA Advantage allows you to manage your emails, appointments and tasks in connection with your business data. You can keep it synchronized with your mobile devices.

Document Management

VIENNA Advantage offers a world-class document management system which connects your data with your documents. Its powerful search allows you to search in the content of the documents.

Alerts and Notifications

Let the system remind you and alert you proactively on irregularities in your business which require immediate attention. The flexible alert processor helps define your business rules for that.

Business Intelligence

Awarded Business Intelligence

VIENNA Advantage offers world-class embedded Business Intelligence package. The embedded BI tool is a powerful system that has been featured in the Gartner’s Magic Quadrant for 5 consecutive years.

Find the Why – Faster

Our integrated analytics platform takes you beyond data and dashboards to expedited insight much faster.


Don’t settle for static reports, dull PowerPoint presentations, and dry meetings. Tell compelling stories with your data. Automate your end-of-month reports with live charts embedded in presentations that you can reuse again and again.

Role Based Security

Allow Organizational Access

You can easily setup roles and control the access of data depending on the organization or cost center access of the employees.

Field Based Access

Not just access at Windows level but also access up to the field level with definition of read-only or read-write authorization can be defined.

Data Level Access

You can allow access to all windows and still deny access to certain records in the system. All access by users is audited and access and change logs are maintained.

Extendable Data Dictionary

Model-Driven Architecture

Model-Driven Architecture VIENNA Advantage uses a model-driven architecture that allows you to build functionality without coding as almost all functional components of VIENNA Advantage are defined as data objects.

Visual Composers

Define your own windows, reports, workflows and much more using easy to use visual composers.

No Coding Framework

70-80% of the VIENNA Advantage functionality has been developed without any coding. Less coding means less mistakes and quicker go-to-market.

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Inbuilt workflow management

Explore one of the most powerful workflow tools available in the market today. Design any workflow without coding and with basic technical knowledge. It’s exceptionally flexible and with high level of automation.

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Inbuilt document management

VIENNA Advantage DMS is the first ever document management system to be securely integrated with ERP and CRM solution with great automation level and highly secure encryption of documents.

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Inbuilt business intelligence

Any BI can tell you what happened. Ours tells you “Why”. VIENNA Advantage inbuilt BI includes more than just well designed dashboards and reports, it gets you to the “Why” faster. Explore the power of end-to-end BI platform listed in Gartner's Magic Quadrant; 4 consecutive years.

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VIENNA Advantage ERP brings the best practices from your industry

More than 10 ready-to-use industry templates help you to quickly implement an ERP system that would relief your pain points and provide a leverage for growth


Powerful retail and supply chain management solution

It’s more than a Retail Solution!
Packed with benchmark features of the retail industry, specially catering to the needs of supermarkets, hypermarkets, FMCG, wholesale and distribution companies.

  • Open source architecture for flexible configuration to your most specific business needs
  • Enjoy strong retail analytics and track your sales and growth in real time!
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Efficient and Flexible Manufacturing

A solution so powerful to recognize bottlenecks early in the planning process and handle sudden changes and shifting priorities during the manufacturing process.

  • Supports Make-to-Stock and Make-to-Order operations
  • Includes a complete Material Requirement Planning to take make or buy decisions
  • Flexible Manufacturing Routing and Operations sequence that allows you to define and produce variants and track cost
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Create transparency and offer innovative ways of servicing

VIENNA Advantage e-Governance handles is highly appreciated by government agencies across the globe. Convey enhanced services, provide better accountability, ensure transparency, drive and employ advantageous policies.

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Telecom ERP solution

Retain and grow your customer base with personalized telecom service offerings, drive profitability by simplifying communications service provider (CSP) operations and optimizing margins, and increase revenue with new digital and cloud services.

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Food & Beverages ERP solution

Increase revenue by engaging with your customers and exploring new ways of serving your customers. Analyzing trends and operational inefficiencies in order to improve quality and manage cost more effectively.

  • QSR, Dine In, Delivery or Van Sales – VIENNA Advantage offers the right solution for a multi-channel F&B business
  • VIENNA Advantage offers a single solution for all areas starting with POS till Financial management on a single platform
  • Modern approach to reduce your IT cost by removing decentral IT infrastructure using latest technologies
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Education ERP solution

VIENNA Advantage does not only offer a campus management solution but helps to connect students, parents, faculty and administration by utilizing latest technologies and methods of gamification.

VIENNA Advantage ERP for education organizations offers various features to manage entire operations including academics module, fees management, hostel management, attendance management, procurement, material management, financial accounting, faculty management, human resource management & payroll, library management, document management and more.

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Want to develop your own business application based on VIENNA Advantage development framework?

An innovative open source web platform for developing data-centric business applications with minimum coding.

VIENNA Application Development Framework is a ready-to-go platform if you are thinking of developing a custom business application for your company or your customers. You don’t need to spend your costly time in developing business apps from the scratch. Simply use the framework and set your functional features on the top.

Learn how VIENNA Development Framework can help you to upgrade your old business applications to a future oriented technology and reduce the time to market.

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Awarded and certified by:


TÜV SÜD certified the compliance and quality of VIENNA Advantage ERP and CRM solution

We are happy to announce that our product, VIENNA Advantage ERP and CRM Financial Management, was certified by TÜV SÜD for ISO/IEC 25052:2014 and IDW PS 880 (GoBS) standards.

Today’s software controls all critical business processes within an organization, from production and logistics to accounting, procurement, customer management and more. As such, smooth and seamless processes and their associated compliance and quality requirements are becoming increasingly significant for the digital transformation of every large enterprise.

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Do you provide ERP consultancy or business software services to your clients?

Explore our partner program, to find out a growth path for your firm. We give an individual attention to each partner and help you set up a unique growth path for your ERP consultancy business.

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