In the next period we will be writing a short series of articles explaining some key functionalities of our Retail & Supply Chain Solution. We hope that after reading a couple of this articles you will get a wider picture and more profound insights of our industry-specific solution. So let’s start with a proper introduction of this solution.

Solution Overview

VIENNA Advantage Retail & Supply Chain Template is complete industry-specific solution that covers the needs of all size companies in the Supply Chain: Retailers, Distribution (Trading) companies, Wholesalers, and FMCG companies.

This industry template comprises of an ERP system in the back-end which includes various modules such as: Supply Chain Management, Material Management, HR, Accounting and much more, seamlessly integrated with a powerful POS Interface in the front-end.

The system can be used by Retail companies with multiple types of stores or chain of stores (supermarkets, hypermarkets…), or Distribution and Warehouse Companies with multiple types of warehouses deployed in multiple cities, regions and countries. It offers all the functionalities that are required to run a modern Retail or Distribution company. It covers various types of Retail such as apparels, groceries, super & hypermarkets, electronics, fresh items… in one word a large range of retail items that go over the counter.

Industry-Vertical_Retail & Supply Chain Solution


A common solution for Retail chains with various locations, in the past, would be combination of decentralized and centralized severs and deployment. The reason for this approach is because the retail is very sensitive area to put your server in a centralized location. There is always a risk if the line breaks down.

VIENNA Advantage Retail & Supply Chain Solution offers an innovative central approach which is resistant to this risk. This means that you do not need to stop working if there is any kind of breakage in the lines to the central server. Our solution works perfectly online as well as offline. This approach saves a huge cost in this industries, while offering a reliable solution. VIENNA Advantage Retail & Supply Chain Solution is so powerful that you can run it in a stable and fast manner even in remote areas with limited internet connection, or very slow internet connection, once a day or even in two days.


VIENNA Advantage Retail & Supply Chain Solution is not just focused on desktop systems, but it is rather modern solution that can be used on all mobile devices such as mobile phones, tablets, as well as different operating systems. This is very important for Retail and Distribution companies who for example sell their goods from trucks/vans, on exhibitions, shows, and other mobile locations.

Vienna Advantage_Multi-Devices

Researches indicate that customers are more likely to make assisted purchases on the spot, rather than pick up an item by themselves and carry it to the checkout. By removing that psychological barrier to purchase, you’re likely to increase your sales. With mobile POS Solution such as VIENNA Advantage POS your staff no longer have to wait for buyers to come to them – they can approach customers anywhere in the store and directly help them make their buying decisions. Regardless of the type of device and the location, you can sell from the system and synchronize it real-time with your servers.


Retail Analytics & Reporting

VIENNA Advantage Retail & Supply Chain Solution (HTML5 Edition) includes powerful dashboard engine that provides industry standard reporting templates and features, but also numerous specific and innovative features that are new to the Retail & SCM industry.

The secret of success is having the right information in the right time. With next generation Retail POS solution like VIENNA Advantage you will be able to set and track unlimited number of KPI and create customized reports. Analyze and gain insight into your store’s growth by seeing which products are selling — and which ones aren’t, or track and analyze sales by staff members, location, time period, or customers…


Supply Chain coverage & Core Modules

VIENNA Advantage Retail & Supply Chain Solution covers the complete Supply Chain Cycle from Procurement to the end customer including various intermediate locations in between.

Supply-Chain_Retail & Supply Chain Solution

Our Industry-Specific Solution contains VIENNA Advantage ERP standard modules, but for the purpose of this template we have additionally developed some specific modules. Here is the standard list of core modules available in the VIENNA Advantage Retail & Supply Chain Solution:

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[Industry Template] VIENNA Advantage Retail & Supply Chain Solution
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