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Achieve seamless order to cash using powerful omni-channel order management solution


Key benefits for your staff and management

Maintain multiple price list versions

Maintain multiple price list versions

Achieve organization-wide consistency in quotations and sales value by maintaining multiple price list versions of your products and services that provide a single source of truth to your entire organization.

Insights on customer profitability

Insights on customer profitability

Get actionable insights using VIENNA Advantage’s advanced Business Intelligence tools to identify your most profitable customers and those that are dragging your margins down.

Manage complex distribution scenarios

Manage complex distribution scenarios

Use multiple units of measurement, manage complex replenishment rules and realize credit checks and customer returns for mobile and traditional sales personnel.

Order visibility

Order visibility

Get end-to-end order visibility across the organization from alerts on failed credit checks to impending shipments due from your distribution network.

Manage Return Policies

Manage Return Policies

Keep your customer satisfaction and record higher Net Promoter Scores by offering customer returns with replacements or credit notes.

Improve delivery reliability

Improve delivery reliability

With the possibility to perform partial or complete order shipments, keep track of order fulfillment and reduce cost by minimizing returns due to incorrect shipments.

A holistic view of your orders and shipments

Have a complete overview of all order and shipment details in one single screen. View orders in the pipeline for specific warehouses, check specific details of each order, create shipments, and print documents.

Generate service contracts out of sales orders

Automatically or manually convert the sales order into a service contract depending on the selected products or services.

Automatically generate and send shipments and invoices

You can automatically schedule a process to periodically generate and print shipments for the day, thereby automating the process and accelerating your delivery process.

Get more in depth understanding of your ordering activities

Explore all features, and learn the real power of VIENNA Advantage Order Management module

Sales Order

VIENNA Advantage Sales Orders enhances customer service through fast, efficient order processing and accurate, timely order fulfilment while maximizing sales through instant access to information on stock availability, prices and product substitutions.

Blanket Sales Order

VIENNA Advantage Blanket Sales Orders provides an effective method of setting up contracts with your suppliers by providing blanket sales orders with multiple release dates, multiple call-offs and cumulative tracking.

Service Contracts

Service contract enables you to manage the services provided to your customers - from quoting the service and pricing to automatic renewal and invoice billing.

Invoice Schedule

Invoice schedule enable you to generate the invoice payment due dates schedule based on the payment terms define for customers. This is possible for customer service contracts, sales invoices and Expense invoices.

Order Fulfilment

VIENNA Advantage enables organizations to optimally manage their distribution operations with auto-generated shipments based on the shipping rules.

Order Management form

Schedule, track, fulfill and get paid for orders. Have an unrivaled visibility of complete sales process and automate tasks to ensure that you are keeping your customers happy by hitting defined service levels, delivering on-time.

Stock Management form

Track inventory in multiple locations, set replenishment rules and generating purchase order from replenishment. Enable demand planning based on stock availability and distribution requirements planning.

Order Management reports

Have a consolidated and summarized data overview of your sales. Data in the reports can be displayed in monthly, yearly, and quarterly views.

Commission Management

Manage and track sales commissions, incentives and process associated payments. Our commission management solution supports multiple commission methodologies. Commissions can be calculated at invoice level or order level.


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