Why embed VIENNA Advantage Document Management Engine?

We work closely with you to ensure that our embedded DMS offering aligns with your needs and gets your product to market fast


Deliver an exceptional customer experience

VIENNA Advantage provides a powerful document management engine that runs in your backend, while you can keep your own user interface and branding. We help you build deeper and stronger relationships with your customers.


Accelerate time to market from years to months

Get to market fast with a game changing embedded document management solution! We help software companies launch their custom document management system quickly and easily. No specialized knowledge required.


Lower total cost of ownership (TCO)

Say goodbye to costly R&D investment! With VIENNA Advantage you can deliver your embedded document management system to tens of thousands of users and manage millions of documents at the lowest cost possible.


Highly scalable document management and processing

Our embedded document management engine has the capability to support millions of documents simultaneously without any limitations. The document viewer functionality lets your customers view 170+ different document formats, including MS Office files, images, AutoCAD, Autodesk and many more.


Document collaboration and mobility

Allow team members to view, edit, share and work simultaneously on documents in real-time. Use mobile devices as a scanner to upload new documents or quickly access existing ones. The system is compatible with multiple document storing platforms like Google Drive, Dropbox and Microsoft OneDrive.


Integrated digital signature to ensure compliance

Sign documents digitally and enable multiple signatories to endorse a single document. Approve workflows on mobile devices with the use of digital signatures and track documents from the beginning till the end. Documents, like contracts, can be sent to external parties to be digitally signed.

All the features you’ll ever need

Complete, versatile and powerful embedded document management system

Document Input

Scan and upload documents from multiple platforms. Choose between manual or bulk upload and automate the document input processes.

  • Upload from external repositories such as Google Drive, Dropbox, Microsoft OneDrive, etc.
  • Upload documents from mobile app
  • Upload documents via web services
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Document Indexing

Categorize every document accurately with a completely automated DMS engine that supports and manages millions of document formats, allows content recognition and OCR in 27 languages and automatically index all documents.

  • Custom document numbering
  • Indexing metadata and document revision
  • Extendable metadata fields
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Document Search Engine

Search in the content of a large number of documents within seconds. VIENNA Advantage embedded DMS comes with safe and powerful search engine which helps you with:

  • Document content and metadata search
  • Advanced search on all document attributes
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Document Processing

Create documents using templates and link them to respective records in the system. Access the in-built document editors for different file types.

  • Forward, move and share and email documents
  • Check-in and Check-out documents
  • Revise Documents
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Workflow Automation

Design different forms or workflows with specific rules and logic relevant to the tasks to drastically decrease human errors. You can automatically route documents for approval and notify users of the action required. Collate data effortlessly from multiple sources with a fully automated and dynamic document management engine.

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Complete Customization

VIENNA Advantage allows you to customize the document management engine to align it completely with your business processes:

  • Create customized windows and records
  • Generate custom fields, reports, dashboards
  • Add custom document attributes
  • Describe custom workflow
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A technology partner you can trust

Explore VIENNA Advantage Embedded Document Management System in a personalized demo session with our team.