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There is no function in your company that cannot benefit
from the power of Business Intelligence

Getting the right data into the right hands can change your business forever

financial analytics

Financial Analytics

Financial KPIs arm maybe the most important indicators for your business. Using VIENNA Advantage BI solution you can track, analyze and act upon those indicators with a few simple clicks. Identify trends in revenue to support growth, perform cost analysis, manage expenses and assets.

Determine profitability by SKU, business unit, city, country or region. Connect your business intelligence solution with VIENNA Advantage finance management module and perform even more in-depth analytics.

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Sales Analytics

Using our BI Solution you will gain visibility of your entire sales process. Integrate crucial data to increase the effectiveness and efficiency of your sales cycle. Connect your BI solution with VIENNA Advantage ERP and CRM to manage accounts and leads, shorten sales cycles, improve conversion rates, improve project, assets and employees management, as well as, increase sales and boost revenue.

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sales analytics
marketing analytics

Marketing Analytics

With VIENNA Advantage Business Intelligence solution, you can track campaign performance to understand which strategies, tactics, channels and messages resonate with your target markets and audiences.

Find patterns in your customers’ purchase behaviors, perform effective customer segmentation and evaluate the effectiveness of your marketing efforts to boost sales and support future initiatives.

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Workforce Analytics

Securely pull critical HR metrics from your HR & payroll management systems to improve profitability, budgeting as well as resource management and planning.

Increase retention rates, recruitment efficiency, productivity and morale. Assess sick leave or injury claims by location over time. Even analyze departments by age and number of employees to support effective succession planning.

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workforce analytics
gov-risk analytics

Governance, Risk & Compliance

Make sure that the right people have secure access to a single, up-to-date and accurate version of the data – anywhere and anytime. Maintain transparency and easily comply with industry regulations to minimize risk and maximize organizational value.

Protect your profitability, reputation, partners and shareholders with confidence.

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Supply Chain & Operations

VIENNA Advantage BI solution will support and improve your inventory, invoicing, distribution and transportation management. Optimize supply routes, shipping scheduling, warehouse processes and stock flows to reduce distribution bottlenecks, improve stock availability and customer satisfaction

Connect your BI solution with VIENNA Advantage Retail and Supply Chain Management Template to effortlessly assess the proficiency of your distribution network.

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scm analytics
Pricing & Productanalytics

Pricing & Product Analytics

Track and analyze your transactions data to reveal crucial sales and customer insights. This will help you optimize your price decisions and promotion activities, and eventually boost revenue, enhance margins and increase profits.

Use VIENNA Advantage BI solution to develop profitable products, pricing strategies and maintain an ideal product mix by analyzing sales by products and/or product categories, market segment, customer demographics, location and time.

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