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Business Intelligence and analytics platform that connects people and their data.

business intelligence
speed of creation

Speed of creation reports

Feel the speed of report creation! While the industry average of creating reports is 4 days, with VIENNA Advantage BI you can develop your custom reports 20% faster.


Gartner Magic Quadrant

Explore the power of end-to-end BI platform listed in Gartner's Magic Quadrant; 8 consecutive years*. Our BI system tells you what and why happened. *Third-party embedded BI

Awesome dashboard

Awesome dashboards

We take you from raw data to great dashboards to actionable insight. Go from data to dashboards in hours – not weeks or months.

Why choose VIENNA Advantage business intelligence system?

Single-integrated BI platform

VIENNA Advantage is a web-based BI solution that supports both the analyst and the business user workflows whilst providing the governance IT requires!

The system is deployed on a centralized architecture, with governance baked into the application. In this way we cater the needs of the 3 stakeholders:

  • Business users - consume, share and collaborate on trusted data
  • Analysts - create reports and build dashboards
  • IT personnel - have complete security and governance over the platform
single integrated

Business Intelligence is easy!

VIENNA Advantage BI is different. We make it easy for everyone in your organization to analyze, share, collaborate and make data-driven decisions. Unlike the most Business Intelligence (BI) software solutions, who fail to meet the needs of the business user, we deliver all the BI functionality you need via a single-integrated BI platform. In this way business users enjoy the support and freedom needed to make great decisions. VIENNA Advantage BI solution will help you transform your data into rich visualizations and interactive dashboards. This will give you answer to some of the most important questions in your organization.

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Innovate with foresight

Use AI and machine learning to tackle complex business problems. Use those insights to optimize
your business and deliver actionable insights to your stakeholders.

predict customer

Predict customer churn

Identify casual relationships between business drivers and outcomes.

segment customer

Segment customers

Identify similarities and differences between groups of data.

seasonal sales

Forecast seasonal sales

Analyze business data over time to identify consistent patterns in your data.

detect fraud

Detect fraud

Identify unusual patterns that do not conform to expected behavior.