Administration Components


Login, Logout, Change Password

No need to code for login, logout, role change or change password functionality. VIENNA Advantage Framework includes all these components, out of the box.


Make use of the push notifications by the system to alert users on any event related to their data.

Messaging (Emails, SMS, etc.)

Whether you want to connect with your employees, customers and business partners via email, SMS, chat app, etc., our low-code development platform has a pre-built component for all these use cases.


User Interface


Web-based UI

A modern and platform independent user interface helps you offer attractive business applications to your users.

Mobile and tablet deployment

A highly responsive and device independent UI is automatically generated without any coding.

User interface management

Manage your user interface for each role separately and project the components of your choice to the users.


Text box, search, drop down and many other controls are tailor-made to suit to an enterprise level business application.

Security and Encryption


Achieve the best security for your data by setting multi-level encryption at server and client side.


Achieve a powerful security mechanism to keep your data secure from external interferences without doing anything separately for that.


Web Services


Connect from any other systems and exchange data using the secure and powerful web services layer.

Business Intelligence and Reporting Cockpit

Inbuilt Business Intelligence and Reporting Cockpit allow you to create dynamic reports that do not require any coding effort and can be created within minutes. A number of controls are available for users to modify ad-hoc reports in VIENNA Advantage open source development framework.


Frequently Asked Questions

VIENNA Advantage Framework is for developers or companies who would like to develop business application and don’t want to dig into creating the complete framework that is required for e.g. user management, security, system audits, workflow, and much more. You would find several components which are already inbuilt in the VIENNA Advantage Framework, which you need but do not need to develop.
VIENNA Advantage serves as a platform for you to deploy your own functional features. This means, you can quickly realize your business application ideas based on our open source development framework. The platform includes all tools that allow you to create strong and enterprise business applications without writing too much of code.
Primarily, VIENNA Advantage Framework can be used to develop data centric business applications. The applications can be really wide spread, ranging from simple contact management till complex manufacturing and warehousing systems. Also the open interfaces allow you to link with other existing systems.
VIENNA Framework is distributed under the Eclipse Public License (EPL).
Yes! And you can decide whether your app is an open source application or not.
Yes, you can. For that you need to submit your app for release on the Market. There are certain guidelines that need to be fulfilled. There is no cost linked to releasing your app on the VIENNA Advantage Market.
Yes. You can manually integrate the code or components of your application at your customers site or built your own specific package. However the VIENNA Advantage Market allows you to use the upgrade and self-deployment features.
VIENNA Advantage Framework uses, HTML5 and jQuery technologies, wrapping them in a user friendly dashboard for data management and maintenance. Additionally, we are making the UI suitable for all mobile devices. Our system is always supported by the latest technologies and updates.

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