Realize strategic goals with one enterprise application across the company

Hundreds of features within the tightly integrated ERP and CRM solution, with inbuilt Document Management and Business Intelligence system. Available on the cloud and on-premises.

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How VIENNA Advantage ERP/CRM can help your department?


A truly global financial management

VIENNA Advantage Finance Management fulfills the advanced needs of every CFO. Providing tools to structure your global financial management, consolidation, powerful reporting tools and easy to use yet remarkable operational accounting, VIENNA Advantage sets a global benchmark.


Whether planning, drilling-in or executing closing activities, VA provides all the necessary tools for stress-free operations so that you can focus on your business data. Explore the features of a truly global financials software.


VIENNA Advantage Finance Management can enable you to quickly get accurate financial information and drill in to discover the “Why” faster.

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Seamless Supply Chain operations unveiling potentials

Achieve a high degree of automation and innovation using VIENNA Advantage Supply Chain Management. It integrates different parts of the supply chain seamlessly including suppliers, customers, warehouse and logistic carriers. With a large set of features out-of-the-box, you can build your own supply chain strategy based on a benchmark solution for your industry.

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Plan and Track Production and Cost more accurately

The VIENNA Advantage Manufacturing helps planning and executing your production process more accurately and react on ad-hoc changes. It helps you in optimizing your machine and resource load and calculating the cost of production for your output. It is seamlessly integrated with Financials Management and Purchasing to give you a 360 degree perspective of your data.

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Increase Customer Satisfaction and Operational Efficiencies

The fully automated order management engine generates fulfillment tasks for your operational staff based on availability, priorities, customer payments and shipping rules so that no your fulfillment processes are streamlines. It helps in increasing customer satisfaction by shortening delivery times and a higher quality of your shipments. VIENNA Advantage Order Management can handle large scales of orders and supports all sorts of common warehouse strategies.

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Put the customer in your focus

Get to know your customers much better and take decisions based on their preferences by using the VIENNA Advantage CRM. It helps you to segment your customers based on various data points and streamline your sales activities according to those. Prejecting complex field structures as well as managing your sales teams becomes easy and lets you focus on strategic part of your business.

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The core of VIENNA Advantage ERP/CRM

VIENNA Advantage ERP and CRM is based on VIENNA Advantage Application Development Platform, an innovative open source web platform that helps users build modules with minimum coding, for rapid development of data-centric business applications.

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In built-workflow-management

Inbuilt workflow management

Explore one of the most powerful workflow tools available in the market today. Design any workflow without coding and with basic technical knowledge. It’s exceptionally flexible and with high level of automation.

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Inbuilt document management

VIENNA Advantage DMS is the first ever document management system to be securely integrated with ERP and CRM solution with great automation level and highly secure encryption of documents.

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Inbuilt business intelligence

Any BI can tell you what happened. Ours tells you “Why”. VIENNA Advantage inbuilt BI includes more than just well designed dashboards and reports, it gets you to the “Why” faster. Explore the power of end-to-end BI platform listed in Gartner's Magic Quadrant; 4 consecutive years.

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Made for all sizes

Our web and cloud based ERP solution is made to fit any organization, no matter the size. It is excellent choice for small and medium size enterprises in terms of cost and features. But, it is also the right choice for multinational corporations, in terms of scalability, flexibility, reliability and cost.

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Speaks your language

There is a growing list of languages that you can choose from after the initial setup of your ERP system. Can’t find a language pack? Don’t worry! You can always translate your current ERP system into as much languages as you like using the automated Translation Management Module.

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Multi dimensional system

Manage international operations with a multi dimensional ERP/CRM system. Multi-entity support (multiple-tenants and organizations); multiple accounting schemas; multi-unit support within an entity; multi-lingual support (print your documents in your customers’ languages) and multi-currency support.

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How VIENNA Advantage can help your industry vertical?

Our ERP solution brings the best practices from your industry

Here in VIENNA Advantage we have an in-depth knowledge for many industries. We work closely with consultants and customers in order to create the best ready-to-use ERP templates for your business. While other ERP solutions bring you a wide range of industry-specific ERP features, we go one step further. We bring growth!

Combining the best industry benchmarks and dedicated support team makes VIENNA Advantage ERP and CRM solution a popular and sought-after brand across a variety of businesses, industry-verticals and customer segments world-wide.

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VIENNA Advantage Marketplace for your localization or extension

For users

VIENNA Advantage delivers infinite extendibility and scalability for your organization. One solution that covers all your business needs. No more painful integrations! Download a specific localization for your country/region, upgrade your system with an additional module, or immediately get the right ERP template for your industry. Moreover, always keep your ERP/CRM system up-to-date with the automatic updater. Integrate third party web services to your current ERP solution or link your system with other systems.

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For partners / developers

Do you have a great idea for a business application, extension or localization pack for VIENNA Advantage ERP/CRM? Use our Development Framework to develop the apps, packs and add-ons and commercialize them via VIENNA Advantage Market. Set up the price and you can resell your product to a large customer base and community around the world. Get instant access to a large number of tools and tutorials for developing apps on VIENNA Framework. Get started today!

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Successful implementation path

Our partners work closely with us to follow the implementation path set for a successful implementation in your industry.


  • Build business case
  • Identify overall objective
  • High level time plan
  • High level ROI


  • Business process study
  • Gap analysis
  • Requirement
  • Traceability


  • Functional specs
  • Technical specs
  • Test cases


  • Development
  • Testing
  • User acceptance
  • Application preparation


  • Migration
  • Training
  • Cut over
  • Go live
  • 1st month close


  • Support handover
  • Stabilization
  • Roll out preparation

VIENNA Advantage ERP on the cloud

Explore our cloud ERP offering in a personalized live demo session with our experts.

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online erp

Online ERP solution

VIENNA Advantage offers you a strong ERP solution on the cloud. Get the feel of a desktop application on the web with our innovative HTML5 user experience. Generate reports and run analytics to see employee performance, sales pipeline, forecasting information and much more.

Boost performance

Boost your productivity

Increase your efficiency and productivity supporting your employees with the right tools. Plan and optimize all areas of your business using VIENNA Advantage ERP and CRM on the cloud. You can easily automate sales from lead generation to invoicing, manage marketing, emails, customer support, projects, inventory and more.

Mobile erp

Mobile ERP on any device

Use our integrated set of business applications anytime, from anywhere and with any device. Whether it is a Mac, PC, tablet, iPhone or Android mobile, we offer you a complete set of mobility apps.